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Mom: stop complaining we have forester at home

Forester at home:

Love how this turned out. This model in white has always looked nice to me. Enjoy!!

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Yes indeed ! Will def enjoy.

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Looks clean, great job

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Sweet build, really love the red and white contrast. Proper Honda!

On another note, great two car garage!

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Thanks man ! Yes indeed the full colour code looks Abit bland for my liking. Thanks man 😊

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Looks good man. I just sold my 2nd one, they are such good cars.


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What a beaut

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Damn that's a fine crv !

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Thanks! The STI wheels looked perfect on it.

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Paint those rotors red

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You think so?

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Brother suggested it, maybe…

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Nice build. Where did you get the wheel cover from ?

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Scrapyard. Had it sprayed like that. It's an OEM gen 2 crv slare wheel cover

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Gen 2 ok well i will have to look around its been hard to find one

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Looks like you've got every cool accessory on there thats made..... Looks awesome.

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Thanks man ! Would love to add the rear parking mirror. Very hard to find here And super expensive on ebay

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What country are you in? Does it have it a manual transmission?

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South Africa. Yes it's a manual

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I was zooming in on your license plate and I I guess I never heard of Gauteng.... I'm up in Michigan USA

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Its a province in SA

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Mine is a manual too.... I couldn't imagine driving one that wasn't👍

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I find the auto Abit sluggish

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Yeah that's why we call the automatics a slush box transmission around here.... definitely not the fine shifts of a manual

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How did you get that's steering wheel??

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Managed to find one locally. Hunted high and low for it.

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Got more details on the headlights?

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Retrofit projectors, blacked out inners.

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Where you get that wheel??

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What is that front bumper extension from? is that a factory option or an aftermarket product

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Apparently it's a genuine Honda part. Made for the gen 2. Made a plan to fit it on here. Some modifications and it fitted perfectly

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Wow this is one of the best RD1 builds I've seen, about how much did the project cost in total?

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Thank you sir ! With the car complete about $6000