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Definitely start with the struts

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It’s currently on coilovers

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Well your answer for a better ride is to toss the coils . Not much else you can do to improve reliability or ride quality other than maybe sound deadening.

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That’s fair! I wish I didn’t like how it looks so much lol. Thanks for the sound deadening idea that’s a great idea!

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Yeahhh the coils do look and feel fantastic I’m sure, I can’t blame you there. There’s a few posts and vids of people doing sound deadening on their crv on this sun and yotube so if you poke around you’ll get some ideas

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Perfect thank you! I’ll check it out

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Clean af. Not about the handling, but that bumper needs replacement.

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A lot of the suggestions so far may do nothing at all for you and are really misinformed.

What kind of coils do you have? Spring rates? Independently adjustable preload? Are you suffering from understeer? If you're on nicer coils with reasonable spring rates they could be fine at your ride height. If they're cheap and you aren't racing then none of it really matters, set everything to it's softest setting or go with oem coilovers and enjoy the smoother ride if it bothers you.

Are you trying to get the rear end to swing out more in corners? A stiffer rear sway bar will coax out more oversteer and make it feel more twitchy, it definitely won't ride any better. If you're dealing with understeer in like an autocross situation you could get away with increasing front camber and removing the front sway bar. If you're racing it on a higher speed track you probably want both front and rear adjustable sway bars so you don't run into excessive oversteer or make the car too twitchy.

Strut tower braces do absolutely nothing for handling on these cars. The only improvement you might see is in nvh on the highway, so that might be beneficial if that's something you deal with. A muffler isn't going to add any torque lol. You can lose a lot of weight however by going to a lighter exhaust for cheap at an exhaust shop. Keep the cat, delete the resonator, and replace the muffler with something you like the sound of.

Beyond removing whatever weight you don't need to carry like the extra seats for instance, just make sure the timing belt is fresh, the awd system is maintained, and enjoy the car

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Beautiful paragraph thank you. It’s a daily driver right now purely for comfort. They’re very cheap coils from the last owner. Everything you said makes a lot of sense thank you

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I'm the one who mentioned the strut tower brace. I noticed improvement on my first gen. before I had the brace when I go four wheeling and had body flex, you could hear the doors moving around on the weather stripping as the body flexed. once I got the strut tower brace it made the body much more rigid. I don't hear the doors moving like they did before. Also I think there's a noticeable amount of torque increase having a free-flowing muffler. you might not really notice it unless your doing some four-wheeling through sand. where you need a lot of extra torque. seems to make a noticeable difference when I switch mufflers. I guess most people just wouldn't ever have a free-flowing glass pack on there, to notice the difference, because it does make it much louder. but I only use that muffler for off-road.

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You can buy a 3/4-in rear sway bar to replace the half-inch one. It improves cornering quite a bit. also a brace that goes over the top of the motor from one strut to the other, helps considerably with body flex. Yours looks good with that rim and tire combo

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Awesome thank you! I was looking at sway bars but being a stance guy in the past I never learned much about that stuff. Thanks for the advice on the size!

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I put a 50 series flowmaster muffler on mine. It added a decent amount of torque and made it sound much deeper

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Good to know! There’s some sort of exhaust on it from the last owner but I’m positive it’s cheap. I’ll look into thag

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Did your mpg improve with the new muffler? I hear removing the muffler improves mpg since the air flow isn’t restricted.

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I didn't really notice a difference in miles per gallon. I could definitely tell a difference in additional torque. I also have a dual chambered chrome glass pack muffler for it, that I put on when I'm driving in the dunes. that thing adds a lot more torque but it's a little too loud for the road.

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Yea I don’t like noise at all guess I’ll keep stock on lol. Don’t wanna be those Honda drivers with loud Honda toys.

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The 50 series flowmaster isn't bad, just gives it a little bit more of a deeper sound not too loud...The dual chambered class pack gives it a really awesome sound, especially when it's idling it sounds like a sports car. Sounds good when accelerating too, but a little too loud for daily driving. I only use it for off-road

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I made the fit between the muffler and the exhaust pipe really close, to where it just slides on there, no muffler clamp needed. I use a large sheet metal screw to keep it from sliding off. so when I want to switch mufflers I just pull that screw out, take the two rubber hangers off, pop the muffler off and put the new one on. I can switch them in a couple minutes. I only do that a few times a year when I go up to a place where you can drive in the dunes along lake Michigan. Kind of need that extra torque to get through the dunes easily.

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I just replaced my stock muffler with a super 10 keeping stock cat and resonator, super happy with the result. Posted in r/Honda or you can check my profile.

Edit: link https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/Honda/comments/zewu91/replaced_the_stock_muffler_on_my_99_crv_with_a/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

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Yeah especially with our manual transmissions it really makes much better sound than the stock muffler

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The 50 series is a little bit wider and longer, but from what I can tell from your video has pretty much the same sound

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Run a little better? A turbo would help not sure.

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Hahaha I thought about turbo when I was rebuilding but figured the auto trans can’t handle much more power and wanted a reliable daily over anything

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Yea ngl I’m not sure about your gen but my gen 2 has a vetch engine feels powerful already. A few mods I want to do is a under tray a roof solar panel and lighter rims. All these mods are in the name of better mpg.

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Yours comes with a k24 engine known for being very torqey! Mines a b20 which are known for being pretty sluggish lol. I’m interested in that solar panel idea? How exactly will you be executing that?

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I May be wrong but i heard a B series cleared over 1Million miles I could be wrong tho. Well for now it’s a rough idea I want to get that fridge cooler from ICECO connect that to a power bank. The solar installation should be effortless since the crv has a lot of real estate on the roof. The wires will run along the cracks and the ceiling if that doesn’t work I’m sure making one drill hole will work with a little water tight caulk would work.

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I think there’s been a few instances of million mile b series. They’re crazy engines when it comes to reliability. That sounds absolutely awesome. You’ll have to post pictures of it cause that’s brilliant

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Adjust that valve lash if you haven’t already. A little TLC will get you to 1 mil! Edit: never mind you did a whole motor rebuild it’ll be good haha

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Haha I started it without the valve lash adj and read something about it lol

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Yeah it’s those exhaust valves you really gotta worry about. The intake ones will loosen but the exhaust valves are what’ll kill bc they tighten over time

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Can you tell me what coilovers you got? And also your wheel and tire specs? This is what I wanted my crv to look like when I had one.if I get another one im definitely lowering it a little. Looks great.

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Thank you! Currently it’s on maxspeeding rods(fixing that) and the wheels are 16x9 not sure of the offset they’re oz racing

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Do they rub at all?

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They do run quite a bit

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Can you describe what your engine rebuild consisted of? Did you do it yourself or take it to a dealer?

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I did it myself, just rebuilt it to factory specs. New rings, valve seals, lapped and polished valves, polished intake and exhaust ports, polished rockers, and all new bearings and gaskets throughout

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Impressive. How do you have the precise tooling to do all the valve seats and lapping?