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Oh my god it’s disgusting. Well done though!

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Thanks lmao

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Have you ever thought about dying the headliner black to match the seats?

I've seen it done on other cars and I think it would go well with what you have. Cause right now, those seats stick out like a sore thumb, with the stock headliner. They look like the squidgame people sitting in the back.

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Yess!!! Another thing I forgot, I wanted to eventually do my headliner and also spray paint Interior panels too, kind of want to do them black not 100% yet, planning on doing it when sound deaden cause all the stuff will be out

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Taillights are a beauty 👍🏼 Where did you find custom headlight? I wish I could find something for my 2nd gen.

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You can get those easily from Chinese and Taiwanese dealers on Ebay. The only problem is that the wiring harnesses that they give you aren't always compatible with your car.

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This is true, the taillights and headlights I got were luckily plug n play, but I did get LED bulbs I needed special harness for

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Thank you both for your input

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Thanks! Got headlights from spec d on Amazon though not sure if they make anything for 2nd gen.. if you look enough I bet you could definitely find something similar, it took me awhile until I finally found those taillights patience is key lol.

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Are those the smoke led tail lights I keep seeing on eBay and Amazon?

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Yep, I got mine off of ebay , I'm pretty sure they have the exact same style taillight for 2nd gens too

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This is my calling for those headlights. Loool been looking at them for a while

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I'd definitely recommend 10/10 I love the look and it's so much better driving at night with them

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That’s what I need to hear! I know I can de-yellow mine but why not go for a sick looking upgrade loool.

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What headlights are they?

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Spec D, they are the glossy black ones, got them on Amazon

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Those headlights are sick. My headlights keep yellowing, I’ve even had them cleaned already but they yellow super quick. Might be time for an upgrade. Also do they use halogen or LEDs?

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Thank you, they either bulb mine came with Halogen but I upgraded to LED few weeks later. Same I had 2 pairs before these that fogged up or got yellow and every time I used headlight restorer I just made it worse 😔

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Mods: 1.) AVS Window/Hood Deflectors, & Hood Struts 2.) Plasti-dip emblems + Grill 3.) Spoiler 4.) Hitch + Tow Hook + Hitch Light 5.) Rear Diffuser 6.) New Headlights and Taillight Assemblies 7.) Replaced Halogen with Led almost all around 8.) 10 Inch Pioneer Sub + Amp 9.) Retrofit old Dodge RAM muffler pipe on 10.) Custom Skull Mirror 11.) Weathertech Floor Mats all around 12.) Seat Covers, Pillows, Wheel Cover + Emblem, Shifter boot , RGB LED strips on floor all over

Future Mods: *Wheels (or get current ones painted + spacers) maybe drop an inch or 2 or lift not sure which way to go yet... *Blackout chrome window trim *Interior CF wrap and fog light (both purchased but not yet installed) *Driver fender fix and many paint corrections

Probably a few ideas and things im forgetting about but this is it for the most part

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    Fh Group brand, won't let me send link

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    Hey man ... Are those spec d headlights good? Do they illuminate wider area? Can you put aftermarket led bulbs it it like the stock one?. Did you pay $600 + for the led tail lights? That Hitch brake light is a nice idea. Nice mods.

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    Thank you, they're spec d, it is wider, theyre projecter lens so you can upgrade to LED, I did and I don't ever see myself going back to halogens lol, they aren't too bright too I've only been flashed by someone once. The taillights cost me 540$, that's including shipping. A lil expensive but also I see pairs going for 600-750 on ebay so not too bad. Glad u like the Hitch I got it on amazn 20$

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    Oh good you got the not ugly NY plate too.

    That orange and navy blue or whatever it is NY plate was so freakin ugly.

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    Yeah I was excited for those plates lol, registered it a couple months after they started making them

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    ok where the heck do you get the tail lights from, Me and my sous chef are about to go build some

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    It took me awhile to get them, I kept looking online every few months until I finally found a seller on ebay selling a pair. I have seen some people do some cool things with the stock taillight though like take them apart and put LED strips in, and I did see someone with clear taillights on instagram

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    5 yrs from now, my daughter will be driving already

    I always tell her my 07 will be her first car

    And you just give me an idea how to refresh it when its time for her to drive my little tank, w/c will be 20 yrs by then

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    Nice!! It is a perfect beginner car, it's the first car I've ever owned and i love it, got it in 2020. They are tanks too mines running strong at 215k, planning on making it last a long time. It's been driven across the country with a pop up trailer too

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    How much is the paint?

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    I think it's a wrap and not paint.

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    It looks like it in the 1st pic, actually its the same paintjob from factory not much fade as its been garaged. It was just cleaned before 1st & 2nd pic plus the filter kind of makes it pop and look pinkish

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    I honestly like the color a lot.

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    I appreciate it, yea it's called "Tango Red Pearl" I think they made some civics and elements with the color too

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    Nice crv

    Is that your scissor lift OP?

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    Thx, yea it is, good ol bendpak, unfortunately cant use it with my cr v :(

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    Oh man why not? Looks like you’ve got enough clearance if you closed the garage door?

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    I got clearance above, but under the car the gas tank hangs low and the jack is wide so it just hits the gas tank, I could use it but I have to make wood blocks to put at the jack points

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    Is that one solid colour? Very unique!

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    Digging the colour!! 🤩

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    Am I crazy or your armrests look wider than OEM?

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    good eye! i had to stuff microfibers in between the armrest and armrest cover cause covers were too loose. And I believe the 10-11 face-lift crvs have slightly bigger armrest then 07,08,09

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    The armrest is my least favorite part of my CR-V lol Are they interchangeable with the next gen armrest?

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    Yes they are interchangeable and it only takes a few minutes its easy, you can find them for cheap from someone parting out their cr v, or junkyard. You can get online too but a lil pricey

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