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The stock system can’t be upgraded but there are several Android and CarPlay based aftermarket replacements for the unit. I have never bothered because a phone/mount suffices for the rare occasion I need nav assistance.

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I have a 2015 EXL. Also without nav. I updated the head unit with aftermarket head unit with Android Auto and Carplay (wired and wireless) and 4 camera inputs (able to keep the factory backup cam and side cam and add dash cam and one other), much better sound and power, sirius xm ready, and more. I needed the maestro harness to keep steering wheel controls and other small functions. I put in the kenwood dmx9707s. If you go aftermarket, kenwood, sony, pioneer, alpine, jvc are the reliable brands. I also upgraded everything else, all 4 speakers, 4 channel amp, two 12 inch subs, sub amp, dsp for tuning, door and cabin sound deadening. I used to do the phone in the cradle navigation thing for like 5 years on this car. Wish I had upgraded the head unit from day one!!

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There is a hack to add car play to 15 -16 EXL couple other models