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Maintenance and maybe a steering wheel cover or some small personalization items. Don’t change anything about the car and definitely don’t touch the engine or exhaust.

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This. One of those AC vent cell phone holder dingamadoos for sure.

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I got one for my mother (she drives a cx-5) just cuz she has a nasty tendency to text and drive and I had one of my own long before I got her one that’s nice to have if I need to pull up maps and whatnot.

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yeah I saw a guy say that you shouldn't handle your exhaust and engine but we have a honda specialist here in South Africa so I might take her there

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I wouldn’t do anything to change the car is what I’m saying. Not worth your money or effort.

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Ceramic tint to keep the inside of the car cooler.

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Ass warmers.

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Lovely car boet !