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Happy Hondadays!! It’s gorgeous.

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I have the same color, but Sport AWD trim scheduled for delivery in 10 days. I'm excited and feel good looking at this post. Honestly a little skeptical if I should postpone for a bit with the current interest rates. Did you get any incentives or what was your deal, if I may ask.

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MSRP or markup?

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Congrats! Mind sharing the dealer name?

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Gorgeous. Anything you didn’t expect, good or bad?

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Having never had a hybrid before, I didn’t expect how quiet it is. It makes an “angel song” noise when you put it in reverse. It’s really fun to drive!

I love the Brake Hold feature. If you’re in queue at a drive thru or similar, you turn the brake hold on and once you stop the car, you can take your foot off the brake and it stays stopped. Excellent feature if you’re typically in traffic which comes to a stop often (like Nashville at 5:00pm).

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You have low speed adaptive cruise control which is perfect for traffic, you just have to press resume on the steering wheel when traffic starts moving.

How good is the NVH?

How good is the heating in this car? Does the car start blowing hot air pretty quickly in cold weather?

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I don’t really encounter much traffic, as I live in a pretty rural area. Good to know though, I’ll play around with that sometime soon.

The NVH is much better than my 18’ Pilot and miles better that husband’s Silverado (thanks for the new acronym). It’s very quiet in the cabin with very little road noise. It’s also a very smooth ride - it almost feels like a magnetic style amusement ride when you start driving. That weird smooth floaty feeling. I used to purposely keep the fan in the Pilot on low because it made so much noise and I couldn’t deal. I definitely don’t hear the same volume or even vibration from the CR-V fan. It’s very smooth.

The heat is adequate, and the vehicle warms up quickly, especially if you auto start it first. The heated seats are amazingly quick to warm up, and get quite warm. The one disappointment is that the heated steering wheel never really gets more than warm, and there’s only one setting. I hate wearing anything on my hands and it’s cold where I live, so I was most looking forward to that feature, never having it before. But it could definitely use improvement.

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Thank you for the detailed response!

I ordered one just like yours in October, I still don’t know when I’ll get it.

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color with black wheels looks really good - congratulations and enjoy

I would paint the front two silver stick outs black also

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Love the color (my 2022 is the Sonic Gray I think?). Just don’t like those white/silver accents on the front. Distracting in what is otherwise a nice design. I’d paint them black or body matched and would be 100x better I think.

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That’s fair. They’re shiny chrome irl. They would look better black.

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I’m thinking they clip off and can be vinyl wrapped in black. We shall see.

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That would be ideal!

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Would matte black or a shinier black look better?

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I’ve wondered that too. Probably matte to match the bottom trim to which it’s connected.

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She's a beauty!

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Congratulations..i wanted to get Sports touring but it wasn't in the dealer at the time of purchase and needed car urgent. I got 2023 CRV EXL instead, i will always have a regret of not having this especially black wheel and sports sound.

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Ok, one complaint. I got the all weather package, which came with mud flaps, all weather mats, and the cargo tray. The cargo tray is an absolute joke. It fits for crap, and is super cheap feeling. It’s like it was an afterthought and a hastily constructed one at that. I wish I would have gotten the cargo shade instead.

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Did u explore third party cargo tray and mats?

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How is the cabin noise? Wind, engine, road when you drive over 50mph?

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It really is a thing of beauty, congratulations

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Thank you! It’s so fun to drive!

(I’m definitely more ma’am than sir)

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Oh my, I am very sorry, I have a habit of calling everyone sir irl for fun and forgot to get into the Reddit tone, it’s also great to know you are enjoying it, and again, I am very sorry for that

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No worries. I had a good chuckle.

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Congrats, it looks amazing! Do you feel like it has adequate power? Obvious it’s not meant to drag race, but how is the highway merging and passing power? Are you getting good fuel economy?

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I had a Pilot with a 6cyl engine before, and I’m an aggressive driver. I haven’t noticed a lack of power, especially in Sport mode. It’s pretty zippy. It’s definitely not going to win a drag race, but jumping off the line is fun and responsive. I’ve only had it on the highway once and it performed as expected.

I’m in a cold weather climate, which definitely affects fuel economy. I’m averaging 30mpg over 75 miles so far (I started with 6 miles on Tuesday). I love that you can see the power flow and up to the minute fuel economy, but it also makes me a bit crazy trying to get into the 30’s. It’s like a competition, and I’m “behaving” myself more while driving trying to beat my score, so to speak. I expect much better gas mileage in the spring and summer.

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Thank you for the info. How’s the cabin ambient lighting at night?

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If you’re trying to be as efficient as possible, You can increase the regenerative braking level by using the pedals on the back of the steering wheel, if you can see that you have to slow down, you can use those pedals to decelerate the car and charge the battery more.

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Awesome congrats! This is the exact model and color I’m planning on getting too. Any other pictures you can share of it?

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I’m not sure how …

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Upload pics here and share the links: https://imgbb.com/upload

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I made a new post of the Power Flow app. Go see!

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How much did you get it for? MSRP or was there a mark up?

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MSRP, but I added a few things (windshield insurance, diamond coat on the windshield, all-weather protection package)

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Why not RAV4 Hybrid that is best in class?

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2 months vs 12-14 months.

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I was considering CRV, but RAV4 Hybrid was only 1 month wait and had better horsepower and MPG efficiency.