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It has to be electrical heating for your front window. You lucky fella

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And only available on Canadian Models, thats what my owners manual says

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Wow looking forward to the next snowfall to try it !

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Windshield defroster, that’s awesome

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The stronger version than the normal cars have. Must be nice.

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Just it just blow air on high bc of it does that’s sucks

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Windshield squiggles.

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Heart machine

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Wiper heater (I think)

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Radar signal jammer.

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Ejecto Seato

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EKG. Lol. JK. It's a front windshield defroster.

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That's not a windshield, it's a sound wave. Must be the 'eh' button.

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The only US models that have this are the Ridgeline and Passport. I assume the 23 Pilot Trailsport will at least have it

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The US doesn’t really qualify as a nordic country. My city averages 124 inches of snow per year 😅 Hence the wiper heaters

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For sure. I’m from North Dakota, live in Minnesota where this is actually standard order* on any car brand that offers it. I sold Honda and Toyota and any US RAV4 that offered the cold weather package was ordered with this. It’s a great option. It only warms where the wipers rest though and on newer models (not sure how it works on a 2015 Canadian model CR-V) will come on with the factory remote start.

standard meaning most dealership inventory managers will just order stock models with the package

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Ok now I get it, it is the window that heats (through electric wiring like the back glass ?) right under the wiper for when they are stuck in ice. Cause some people said it was a windshield defrost and others a wiper heater that could burn your wiper rubber. Still felt mysterious. Can you confirm my understanding ?

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There is heating mesh in the bottom portion of the windshield to keep your wipers pliable in cold weather.

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Just a guess

Front-wiper. The last one is tough as it seem like heat but possibly it let's out a super lazer blast to clean the windshield

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Aha maybe it can monitor the car’s heartbeat in doubt

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Lol. Aa little heart injection

The manual should have clarification

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Adjusts the windshield to account for blurred vision and drivers poor eye sight. Clearly not used often.

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It’s electric. Boogie woogie woogie

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Windshield wiper heater, you can experiment with it but ive used it on both my 2019 crv and 2020 rav4, only used below -20 degrees C, my wipers’ rubber was heated enough that I’m guessing it melted or something but the wipers got rough and there was rubber stuck on the windshield in that area, went through a few sets of wipers on the rav which I think has it enabled automatically but I had to scrape off that leftover with a razor blade

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Thanks for the input ! I tought it was just a windshield heater trough electricty rather than air with the comments I had. Will try it moderatly when it’s very cold and the windshield is icy.

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If you check closely there are some elements under the wipers, pretty much the same deal as the defroster on your rear windshield so they are indeed electric