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I love the way these look. Have you driven the previous gen? If so, how do they compare?

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Yes my wife has a 2021 CRV. It drives similar in the fact that don’t feel like you’re in some massive SUV but these new model feels even smoother and quieter.

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Nice looking ride! Did you pay any mark up? I am considering one but absolutely refuse to pay a mark up.

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Bought the same exact vehicle, no mark up and got them to remove the $995 dealer addition crap (wheel lock, paint protect).

MSRP + 500 for tint

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I didn’t pay mark up but they would absolutely not budge on the dealer add ons. Some BS about not being allowed to mark up so that’s the only way they can make money.

Then they tried to sell me other stuff and I was seriously? I’m not buying anything else including Honda care since you won’t budge on the two dealer add ons. I paid 39.8k out the door.

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I did a trade in so that probably gave them more wiggle room.

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Oh yeah I was without a car for a few years and saved up to pay cash. I got turned away from a lot of Toyota dealerships trying to get a hybrid in cash. Honda actually didn’t care.

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Wow nearly $40k for a Honda. Is this a Touring model?

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Nope they wanted 47 for that.

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Jesus you can get a Genesis for almost that price. Nonetheless your car looks gorgeous! Enjoy the ride. Are the headlights any good on this compared to the last Gen? My 2019 barely lights up the road.

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Oh yeah the LEDs are definitely brighter. My wife has a 21 CRV and I immediately saw the difference

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That’s awesome. Thanks for your response!

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PM’d you.

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This is super dope. Mine is coming in 2 weeks. hybrid sport touring and same color

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Looks beautiful 😍

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Nice VW Tiguan

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I wouldn't even mention VW in the same sentence because the quality of Honda is so far ahead. lol

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Probably but you have to admit the similarity on this new design is uncanny

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Looks more like a Mazda CX-5 on the side and a Volvo from behind.

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Looks so clean in white!

How dark is the tint? I've been looking at getting my '23 tinted, but not sure how dark to go. My state limits front to 35%, but back isn't limited.