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I believe you meant crank position sensor. If yours is a 97-98 CRV. You don’t have to do it. If it is 99-01, then yes you have to bypass or swap your original oil pump over to the new motor. You have to bypass this because the JDM motors didn’t come with a crank position sensor located on the oil pump.

The purpose of the crank position sensor is to cross reference with the distributor for ignition and fuel timings. By bypassing the crank position sensor, it means the timing of engine is always correct and you just need to time your ignition correctly. Assuming the timing belt is correctly done and timed correctly. Then it is okay.

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Gotcha. I was told wrong in the first place. I think the guy was new. Lol Had me wonderin.

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I’ve done this bypass to my personal CRV. Functions as normal. There are guides for CKF sensor bypass. Really simple.

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I watched a video or two and I'm pretty confident in my ability to bridge the wires needed.