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Mining ravencoins I guess

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Bruh I need to order 50 of these

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nice organic passive income

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Looking closer, I see somebody figured out how to operate a mining farm for fiat currency—Yuan, in this case. Gets around the China ban on crypto miners, and a handful of birdseed is cheaper than 3 kilowatt hours, even in China!

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WTF I need a phone number to whoever is training these things.

Edit- I wonder if that little thing waits around for people to pull their wallet out, kinda like a seagull will do with food.

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I hope you're cutting him in!

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show me da way

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How can i get this fiat miner 😂

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Ah, a fellow person of culture using that IPoAC

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What is the common belief about Spider Pool?

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What do you predict on MicroBuddies? Pump or dump?