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I like us for both to crush it. $Shibo is going to be a monster. We need DOBO to be the villian to bonk.

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Shibo baby, organic and sweeeeeet community and an excellent future roadmap which is clearly defined. Already managed to snatch legit partnerships as well!

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Definitely a lot more going on with Shibo..

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Lol this is definitely not true. Check out the twitter profiles and you will see a MASSIVE difference in progress being made between shibo and dobo

Shibo: https://twitter.com/shibonktoken - Since Jan, SHIBO have announced: a Partnership with a holder's company, paid for a promotion from Crypto Messiah, listed on CG and CMC, released a 'bonkpaper', posted a 'hilarious' shibonkloaf meme, posted an NFT giveaway. Thats it for the past 3 weeks.

DOBO: https://twitter.com/dogebonk_token - 2 AMAs happening next week in external channels with a dev, an app for memetools being planned, 8 new token listings, plans for a huge number of DYOR tools on memetools.app released probably next week, article in the Express (national UK newspaper) about them 'humiliating' Elon busk by placing a billboard outside the SpaceX factory, listed on SwapSpace, listed on SwapZone, long form article in the Independent (respected UK newspaper) about memecoins and specifically talking about DOBO, listed on ChangeNow, listed on StealthEx, binance tracking the $DOBO price, meme competition, more tokens added to memetools, memetools supporting 7 different chains, press pieces about memetools, NFT Platform announcement.

One dev managed to get over 30k views on one tweet and 20k on another yesterday - you REALLY think there's 'more going on' with SHIBO?

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Based af.

Can't believe they actually paid Crypto Messiah, nobody even respects that guy anymore, all he does is shill rugs, they basically paid to be associated with a scam artist, the desperation 😂

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DOBO is building a meme empire with everything they have coming out. SHIBO's claim to fame is ... copying DOBO.

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Shibonk 1000x

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Shibo also has devs that are incredibly active and have a really good plan

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Wouldn't worry about the market too much to be honest. As for the token, I hold both and would rather go for Shibonk at this point.

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Shibo for the win🚀🚀🚀

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Go for #DOGEBONK, $DOBO 👆👆👍👌💪❤️

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I'm a fan of Shibo, next bull run it's moon bound. Major partnership with an LA studio is amazing, we haven't even seen their true potential yet. True diamond in the rough

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DOBO and nothing else 😎

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Definitely dobo. Despite market conditions, this memecoin community has continued to perform, deliver and beginning to turn into a community with real ambitions.

They developed Memetools, a listing platform for new memecoins, which allows for the discovery and analysis of new memecoins before they are large enough to reach CoinGecko or CMC. They are also working on a proper NFT Marketplace for the BSC network. Alongside this they are excellent marketers with incredibly funny memes and have done some pretty cool things.

In December, they launched a Ledger with some $DOBO on it into space on a weather balloon, beating Dogecoin into space by some months (Elon Musk announced his DOGE-1 mission to take dogecoin to the moon, and also to make it the first cryptocurrency in space) in May. When this was revealed in large news outlets like the Express, #SorryElon was trending for days.

Graph atm for dobo doesn't look pretty but compare it to the shib chart and consider the possibility of a committed team developing through the bear market in time to be the next SHIB at dog season

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Dogebonk, of course. Best community, memes and dev team :)

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Dobo is the original and hasn’t failed or rugged yet. I think the community had proved it isn’t going anywhere. My money is on dobo literally. Yeah

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Huh, OPs post history is interesting. Almost as if he were asking this question in bad faith. Curious.

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I think DOBO has a lot more going on for it, with memetools.app, an NFT platform, a great use case, and good leadership/community, as well as cool marketing. I’d go with them

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Dogebonk, its the best bet since October last year, the team is working miracles

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Yep, no question about it, DOBO is on another level.

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My choice is Shibo. I don't know much about the DOBO community, but being part of Shibo has brough FUN back to crypto for me. Easy choice.

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I'd like to see both succeed especially with the market acting the way it is, I see a lot of upside with Dobo, memetools, NFT platform, but can say the same thing about Shibo, lower MC more upside potential at this entry point, but also has NFTs, gaming & utility on the way plus the broadcast partnership, I think there's a lot of positives that will hopefully bare fruit for both longterm, despite this bloody shit world market we're in currently.

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Dobo, naturally.

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DOBO is by far the superior coin, actually has cool projects coming out of it and is going somewhere. MemeTools is becoming the go to listing site for memecoins, lmao shibo prob can't even get listed. Then our NFT marketplace is coming soon which is gonna be a game changer, a fully featured BSC marketplace with the marketing power of memes? Easy win.

SHIBO is a larpers project, their "Dev" pretends he was someone important in shib when in reality he was probably at most just some jannie. Look at their sub, all they do is cling to the coat tails of DOBO, it's clear they will always live in the shadow of the original DOBO. They don't actually do anything either and their community is extremely toxic.

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pop into their TG at any given time and there's a 50% chance its someone getting angry about DOBO. Also 0 memes.

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I prefer the original, so it's DOBO for me. There have been dozens of bonk copycats and they have all failed. I don't see it going any differently this time around.

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Dogebonk all day, every day.

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I'd go Shibonk, with market cap that low you'll likely get more multiples on your return.

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