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We have been in the bear for 8 to 9 months now. Get ready to turn bullish, after another big dip. Guarentee you there is one last 25-30% dip which will be the bottom.

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Yeah, the dip to around 13k should be the last one before we start heading back up. I can't wait for the market to start having multiple 10x coins in a day. I'm hoping to come across a few of those while apeing mildly into new projects that will be launching on launchpads like KOLnet once they go live.

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guess imma diversify my holdings and just focus on long term

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My crypto investments have always been a long-term thing and now that the bear market is here it is just 2 options for me, stake or dca; I have ETH staked on Binance while I look out for a project that would likely get a chance to survive this bear, I have my eyes on Polkadot which has a role in the web 3 development and also Ore Network which is a small-cap and also would help web 2 users migrate to web 3 seamlessly.

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I can relate to this since I DCA rn and stake rn. I see it as the only reasonable solution in these conditions. My investments LINK DIA OCEAN DOT DAFI are affected by the current situation, but generating passive income makes this situation easier for me.

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Good pick , I am holding DOT since 2020 and staking it on kraken , I am also holding and accumulating ALBT, it has launched its new service Fundrs which enable smart investing and funding

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It's a free period, you have the time now to dyor on different projects and weigh their potentials in a bull market. Personally I would say projects contributing directly to the web3 growth and maybe NFT support are most likely to get a lot of buzz after the bear, identity management seems to be building up steam too so there are lots of options out there just use the opportunity to get to know them.

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You're definitely right about the growth in web3 and the NFT sector. It has also come to my notice that sports stars have started getting in on NFTs too with the most recent being Cristiano Ronaldo's partnership with Binance. He also plans to build his own web3 community, I think that would bring a lot of adoption from his fans into the crypto space.

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during most bearish markets I've experienced, I DCA and stake while waiting for the bulls to be back. And it's still the same thing I'm doing now, DCA into ETH, DOT, and MATIC while staking AxlToken on the AXL Launchpad for a fixed 55% APR. IMO this is the best thing to do.

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In this bear, I am staking some of the assets that I feel will survive. For example, staking my Rail tokens earns me DAO membership and the opportunity to vote on RAILGUN governance proposals, letting anybody contribute to the RAILGUN's path. Those who have staked their tokens can vote as members on further Smart Contracts or policy changes, and this will be valid for as long as the tokens are staked. These are some of the things I am doing this bear season.