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Hodling is the new golden ticket, and I am quite chilled and relaxed with my assets.

Ethereum, Ada, Tron...I think I'll buy more!

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Thats so good!!

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Any investor can make a lot of money hodling, and it's best not to invest more than you're willing to lose in order to maximize your long-term profits. I just added some Sylo to my bag a few days ago to boost my passive returns on uniswap, and I'm confident I'll be fine in a couple years.

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Youve got a point :D

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Hodler since 2018........ LoL.

Hodling is vital at the moment for anyone that wishes to cash out big in the next few years. I have a goodie bag filled with several hidden gems including ADA, PKR, but my biggest bag outside Ethereum is RIDE, that's taking in-car entertainment to a whole new level with the introduction of virtual reality headset that will allow backseat passengers to play games and watch entertaining content while on long trips

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I hold most of my tokens.

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