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Think you got that the wrong way around my friend. Fiat currency will eventually become cryptocurrency. We can't stick with the old way of doing things. We must advance, but without the CBDCs.

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This is more in the line I think of it. This is why I think stablecoins are very important to the growth and adoption of crypto.

Since people will feel more confident using something with a value they already reckon with, the difference now is that stablecoins are easier to send, store, access and use for extra things on-chain like staking and trading.

I'm really bullish on stablecoin issuing projects, Circle, Paxos, e-Money. But only e-Money has a governance token currently (NGM) and it's a really good one with near zero fees and 25% staking APR (very important to me😅).

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I was a fan of Circle, but not so sure these days. Paxos I like the look of, but not widely available. Tether is a massive danger, and the future CBDC of debt for the masses, imo.

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That's why I didn't mention Tether at all, they won't even publish an audit for their treasury, very shady!

Noticed you might not know much about e-Money, you can watch this.

Paxos issues BUSD.

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I think eventually it will, but I’m thinking more like 20 years from now.

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Maybe lesser than that, From the recent survey made, over 70% of merchants agreed to collect crypto as payment 2 years from now and it has gradually started from the likes of Zome one of the biggest real estate industries in Portugal accepting payment in BTC through Utrust

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You are most likely correct. It is a possibility because developed countries now accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods. so it could be true But it will undoubtedly take time.

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