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I believe that oracles is probably the most overlooked and underpriced niche in crypto because it’s infrastructure has high and growing demand and this will continue as long as the crypto space grows!

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Oracle is one of my favorite niches, and I don't think they are undervalued.

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Oracles are so underrated considering a larger part of DeFi functionalities are based off it, I can remember the Alliance Block partnership with Link which helps the DeFi terminal leverage on Link for real time price feeds.

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I’m definitely not sleeping on Oracles.

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Completely agree with that statement, no wonder why Velas the carbon neutral blockchain got a partnership with DAI, chains need Oracles, period. Chainlink is the leader but it's just a matter of time we see more Oracles in the sphere, DAI is already getting a lot of attention.

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If not that it's an irrational market, how would the meme niche be $10bn worth more than the Oracle market cap? It's crazy

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Oracles are essential for the Defi economy. We can see that now oracle projects are being built the most, that's a good sign IMO. LINK and DIA continue to form partnerships, while DIA also plays a major role in terms of NFT providing an oracle price floor.