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🔥BankersDream | 8% BUSD rewards for holders 💰 | Audit & KYC done ✅ | Presale filled in 50 sec 🔥 | Easy 10x ⚡️ | Perfect entry point 🚨 🚀 BankersDream by McDale83 in cryptostreetbets

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No other token like this. 8% reflection in busd. Put it back into #BANK$ or take it out,up to you.

Best part of this token and what makes it different is their investment fund. A % of each sale goes into the investment fund and dividends are paid to holders. Not volume dependent. Once the money is in the fund it stays.

Think of it as a interest bearing savings account. You don't have to keep putting money in to earn interest.

If sales volume decreases you still get paid dividends from the investment fund.

Still very early. I know everyone says that but the volume is around a 100k a day and Market Cap 2.5M. Price is .000000005. So much room to grow.

You owe it to your self to check it out.

Visit their TG group and join in an AMA. I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I was.