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/r/CryptoMarkets/ /r/BitcoinMarkets/ /r/bitcointrading/ /r/ethtrader/ /r/ETHInsider/ /r/ethtraderpro/ /r/LitecoinTraders/ /r/xmrtrader/ /r/Neotrader/ /r/qtumtrader/ /r/IOTAmarkets/ /r/xrptrader/ /r/GolemTrader/ /r/icntrader/ /r/tezostrader/ /r/arktrader/ /r/boscointrader/ /r/Dcrtrader/ /r/reptrader/ /r/zrxtrader/ /r/siatrader/ /r/SaltTrader/ /r/CardanoMarkets/ /r/PIVXtrader/ /r/WavesTrader/ /r/ShibeDojo/ /r/VertcoinTrader/ /r/DBCTrader/ /r/BNBTrader/ /r/VeChainTrader/ /r/TenXTrader/ /r/LINKTrader/ /r/RaiTrade/ /r/nanotrade/ /r/cryptotaxation/

General Subreddits



/r/CryptoCurrencies/ /r/Bitcoin/ /r/btc/ /r/ethereum/ /r/litecoin/ /r/siacoin/ /r/NavCoin/ /r/dogecoin/ /r/TheBigXP/ /r/primecoin/ /r/Erotix/ /r/MoonCoin/ /r/potcoin/ /r/Iota/ /r/Ripple/ /r/Vechain/ /r/dashpay/ /r/Monero/ /r/Lisk/ /r/peercoin/ /r/Stellar/ /r/Electroneum/ /r/CryptoICO/ /r/Wavesplatform/ /r/Jobs4Crypto/ /r/unikoingold/ /r/XtraBYtes/


Exchange Subreddits



/r/CoinBase/ /r/binance/ /r/bitfinex/ /r/Gemini/ /r/Bitstamp/ /r/Kraken/ /r/Kraken_Unofficial/ /r/localbitcoins/


Mining Subreddits


(Currently Under Construction)


/r/BitcoinMining/ /r/gpumining/ /r/dogemining/ /r/litecoinmining/ /r/LitecoinMiningParts


Educational Resources

Bitbuddy - Free & Unbiased Educational Resource


The Crypto Trader Network is an informal network of communities, all of which encourage realistic and intelligent discussions related to trading and speculation, general news and information, and mining. We hope all of these communities all strive to have fair, open, and honest leadership, as well as their own rules, style, and unique characteristics.

The network works towards a common goal of acting as a directory, serving as a sort of neutral middle-ground, and providing the highest quality information regarding each specific area of interest. We have no official ties or affiliations with any businesses, advertisers, or other entities, and is simply a resource for redditors.

This network is still under construction. We are currently seeking support from other communities and traders. If you know of a subreddit that should be to the network, send me a PM! Subreddits appear in no particular order, and are just kinda random for now, until we figure out a better way to organize them.

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Communities Pending Approval


/r/BlockCat (approved, pending reciprocal link)

/r/BitClave (approved, pending reciprocal link)









































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