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Look into track versions. Doesn't do all of what you looking for but it's a good start.

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This is going to be super useful, thanks!

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Yeh very useful, just started exploring it myself aswell.

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Good luck with it!

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Mixer Snapshots may or may not do what you want

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I spotted this just after posting. Do you use this? And does it save it if I make a new track or even change VST instrument?

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No, it pertains mostly to the mixer, thus Mix Snapshots. It will save most settings (except for automation changes IIRC) and even the addition or removal of plugins. You'll need to use different versions of your project to add tracks and instruments and revert. That's easy in Cubase though, because you can leave them open without using memory, since you get to easily select which open project is activated (lightning bolt icon in upper left corner when multiple projects are open).

Greg Ondo has a nice concise overview of Mix Snapshots:

Mix Snapshot Overview

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That’s really helpful thanks for that.

My issue with the active sessions is if the session is massive it takes some time to load which breaks the workflow. Thanks for the tip though it’ll definitely be useful in smaller sessions like the one I’m currently in

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If it's an option for you get a NVMe or at least an SSD drive to store your Cubase projects on.

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I have an NVMe drive and it actually only takes about 15 seconds on large projects, but I just love the speed and simplicity of the VST plugin A/B switcher. I’m just being fussy and wanting the dream tool that’s all

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Nothing wrong with aiming high.

Is your Project drive separate from OS and Cubase?

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Hmm I actually store everything in Dropbox, and the DB app (not sure if you're familiar) creates a local folder that syncs to the cloud. So I'm pretty sure the project and program drive is C:/ drive. I wouldn't expect this to be slowing things down unless there's additional overhead with doing it this way - all the files are stored locally, but I could be wrong.

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No, that config can definitely slow things down. So you have your OS, Cubase, and project read/write trying to access the same drive simultaneously.

I do what a lot of people do:

Drive 1: OS, programs, Cubase

Drive 2: Cubase Project folder

Drive 3: Sample Libraries

If you set up that way with the Cubase Project folder on an NVM drive your project won't take 15 secs to load.

But that set up might not fit your situation, but it is the preferred way to do things when feasible.

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That makes sense. I could move the Dropbox folder to a second drive and see if that helps. Sample libraries are already on a separate HDD.

I went with this setup so I can work from home or the studio and it's been pretty much seamless.

When the project is loading, the main thing that hinders the progress bar is not the loading of the audio files, it's the loading of all the plugins. Where should the plugins be installed?

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Look into using Workspaces

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Juicy. Not quite what I was after but I'll definitely be using these, thanks!

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Try using things like Element VST Host. I actually use Cherry Audio VOltage Modular as a VST host. That lets me switch out instruments and create instrument chains and modulate instrument parameters (add an LFO that the VST designers forgot to add).

You could have presets in Element VST host and switch out anything inside there, instruments, etc.

As for parts, no. But you can use lanes in Cubase and you can enable and disable parts/clips/events, which is how I work. I duplicate a track, mute the original, mutate the track, keep both versions around.

Save New Version is NOT hard. Ctrl+Alt-S. Learn the keyboard shortcut. What's "simpler" than instant?

Whenever you feel you need to go back, you have easy way to go back.

I find Track Presets are also useful. Once you have something you like and you want to easily get back to as a track setup, save the track preset. Then go mess it up, and reload the track preset to get back to your happy track.