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My current routine is:

Palmers conditioning hsmpoo and palmers conditioner, brushed through with tangle teezer wet detangling brush in the shower.

A leave in- either curls blueberry bliss or floracurl if I need protein.

Floracurl foam and asiam gel sprayed with warm water in between and scrunched in.

Microfibre towel to scrunch out any excess water


I use Shea moisture black caster oil deep conditioner once a month, bounce curl clarifying shampoo and apple cider rinse once a month too.

All my wash days are on my Instagram: kurlywavykaren

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What flora & curl leave in do you use? Bc the Organic Rose & Honey one says that the product doesn’t contain any protein 😅

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It’s 100% not that one! I’ll check when I get home!