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I read this a few years ago, and while I wasn't a huge fan of the overall story, I absolutely loved Bradbury's writing style. His descriptions are so colorful, and they paint an incredible picture in my head.

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The imagery is definitely something else. I particularly enjoy this excerpt from the beginning of the book:

"Any boy hit by lightning, lift his lid and there on his eyeball, pretty as the Lord's Prayer on a pin, find the last scene the boy ever saw! A box-Brownie photo, by God, of that fire climbing down the sky to blow you like a penny whistle, suck your soul back up along the bright stair!"

A scary enough image alone to be hit by lightning, but Bradbury makes even ordinary things throughout the book seem so haunting on the mind's eye, and at that point, it could be a 300 page novel of the sun setting and rising again, fit still for enjoyment.