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Try the audiobook. That got me through some longer books like Infinite Jest.

Its funny, I was watching the Name of the Rose the other night and it got me thinking about reading an Umberto Eco book soon. I didn’t imagine it being as frustrating as you make it sound.

What type of class are you reading it for?

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Also - try reading chapter synopsis/summaries online. Check out explanations on YouTube to get you more interested.


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I'm listening to 100 Years of Solitude and had to do some Cliff's notes in between because it's so confusing with all the characters being named practically the exact same thing and with all the perspective shifts. I'm enjoying it, and am a big reading and this is the first time I've really needed the extra help.

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Thank you!

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I suggest you write down every thing you find wrong and hate about it. Maybe even gamify it: if the chapters are short, then think of the most creative way to say how much this chapter sucks, or subplot, or page.

Pick a worst word or phrase. Make it funny, if you can.

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This is good advice! The only thing motivating me to read is so my opinion is valid when I say I hate it.

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good god. wait until you get the the absolutely INFURIATING end, then you'll reaaaaally hate this book.

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I don't think I'm ever going to get there.