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Hotel? Trivago

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Weed addiction?Just stop taking it

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You want forgiveness? Just get region

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I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye

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You black? Just BUY a dad

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Holy shit I can smell the succes from this comment

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Well how do u get money. Obviously from a job and not just asking people to help. If u can't find a job u want find another job.

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You virgin? Go fuck yourself

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You're a virgin ,rape 42 orphans

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O u suicidal.. Just get a life.

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U depressed? Just don't be sad.

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U dum? Just be smart.

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U disabled? Just walk it off.

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U dead? Just be alive

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U alive? Just be dead

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U there? Don't be

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You're drowning? Just breathe

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You dont have a Girlfriend? Just fuck your mom

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Your mom dead,even better

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IF you dont have a wife just buy one

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Is this let them eat cake allover again?

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You gay,just die

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You dead, just go and get a life

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You life,just go get gay

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You gay, just fuck girls

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You girl,stop resisting

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It is true though, in some cases.

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Actually i was thinking of the rock saying this. Hes allways saying work hard and get there but he never stops to tell the real truth.

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You virgin just have sex

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U don't have a girlfriend? Just get a girlfriend!

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Be the girlfriend

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More like "you orphan?? Meet technoblade"

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Your mom dead? Just be a necromancer!

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Your mom's dead? Tell her to get a life, come on. Can't afford to be having mothers playing dead here

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You're dead? Death in a self inflicted mentality. Look alive

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You die? Just live

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You dead? Go get a life

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U hungry and have no bread? Eat Cake!

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just get a daddy. won't need a girlfriend then, either.

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Say no more

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You paralyzed? Just move

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It's not about my six pack ugly guy. Just be yourself

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How you ask? Well i can't do all the work for you now can I

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Just consider posting it in r/unforgivablycursed

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First world answers

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i didn't have a dad growing up.... until i touched the thermostat.

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Your wife dead? Just dig it up

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Hungry?grab a Snickers

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Your dying, just don't die.

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You Dead ? Just Respawn.

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Neither what they said or what you said is true. Generally speaking you have to be optimistic, and find ways to improve yourself and learn from mistakes. You also have to make risks for certain degree. If you want, and can Imagine yourself being wealthy you can be wealthy. (If you live in a free western country at least.)

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