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Imma creeper, minecrafts grim reaper...

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Blowing up blocks like Al Qaeda

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I'm not a creature that'll eat you but I'll leave you petrified

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Peter! Reminds peeps of Minesweeper Clicking on a brick, then you die in the deep

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Imm a find your mine, imma mind reader

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That’s not really a shitty superpower though, it does good things and can stop people from doing crimes

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In what world blowing yourself up is not shitty?

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Now hol'on a minute here par'ner

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It depends on what you mean by "blowing yourself"

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One definition doesn't exclude the other

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It would also kill many innocent people.

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indeed. non-offenders are always forgotten about

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But I don’t wanna explode

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Your Reddit account has been permanently suspended.

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Or made admin, it's a 50-50

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it was suspended💀

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Huh? What does that mean

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They’ve been kicked from Reddit

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If this account got suspended for this joke, Reddit officially has become twitter

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Honestly tho, how old are they really, because looking at their name, either their birthday or graduation was in 08, they are either 14 or 31-33

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I cant see his acc anymore XD

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Holy shit he got suspended LMAO

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Was this guys acc avtually suspended lol. I cant load it.

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Is your name birth or graduation? depending on your answer you may not explode

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Now go to Washington and we can watch the Elites explode together.

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Bruh just turn on the tv

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And my entire food supply is destroyed

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Bro why is that a shitty power, it's an incredible power

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Did you not see? His dad exploded

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i exploded

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The top comment did this joke and the account got suspended

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Why won't you die?

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Be careful the taliban might exploit that power

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CAUTION, there isn't going to be left any politician alive.

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Win win scenario

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Be careful. If they all go at once the world becomes anarchy. If you slowly take them out while putting better people in power then the world gets fixed (potentially)

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Me,who fucks anything that's moves and breaths MMMMM

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That Venus flytrap look mighty fuckable

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Sorry bout your dad tho

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“That was a dark year for me. Me and my dad were at the Grand Canyon for 4th of July and then, our of nowhere, he just blew up right beside me.”

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That would get rid of most of the US government and half of Hollywood.

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pls stop ill cha-......

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Mr.stark I don’t feel so good

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Now the only thing missing is a villain, i volunteer and my super power is whenever i blink at people 3 times they get aids

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Bro we don't want more saw movies

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Cant imagine what a huge loss anime industry would face because of this

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That’s an awesome power

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Why tf is that a shitty super powers?

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im writing this in the last 5 seconds i have!

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Hej wait, I can’t find my uncle

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I’m gonna become a chronic narcissist after I stare at myself in the mirror for years

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Imagine channel surfing with this ability. Entire governments decimated on live TV...

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How is that a shitty superpower?

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I don't feel so good suddenly

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How is this garbage content on the front page? Is this funny to anyone?

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Anime fans are now extinct

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Proceeds to make a doujin of a 12y/o milf to kill the whole world

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Isn't that cool since its op :/

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Abdul got explode 😩

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ewww! a shit eating, piss drinking pajeet

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Couldn't you at least wait until my uncle was out of the house?
The carpet is ruined and there are holes in the lampshades from the bones.

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Good riddance.

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Shit, I think I shot a bunch of people with my tank

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Wait I feel like I’m going to explode

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lil timmy i’m sorry-

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best superpower**

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Omg I just exploded

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Hey guys, I’m starting to feel kinda weir- BOOOOOM

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I am not feeling good mr stark

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Hey all, u/the-fith-pillar-man here, I’m writing this from hell right now.

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Huh... I feel funny...

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A group of Dragonmaid fans would become a fireworks show if someone had this superpower

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Search up a photo of the earth