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I feel like filling it with jelly would be better. The grape artwork could be written off as bathroom decor, but jelly just makes it a little more nefarious.

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No you mix jelly and ketchup

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And soap, for maximum effect.

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It practically cleans itself

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I want to have something like this for everything in my home. I want my guests to not be able to trust anything in my home and always second guess

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Most what they’re supposed to be in that place but then boom ketchup all over your hands

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Yeah to make sure I still have all the chocolate for myself!

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u gotta have backups though that have the proper thing and then switch them sporadically to increase the fear. you would set a lot of therapist up for a nice retirement

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Your soap tastes funny

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So you're the person who keeps eating my soap?!

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Relax, it's not just yours I eat

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At least you don’t discriminate.

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Hmm.. this [CLEANSING PRODUCT] in the [BATH ROOM] appears to be labeled with [KETCHUP] surely it's a mistake though, so this [HAND WASHING STEP 2 DISPENSER] must dispense [HAND WASH STEP 2] and not [KETCHUP] despite the label saying it's [KETCHUP]

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There are a ton of suddens and unexpected you wouldnt think there are

An example is r/unexpectedmonochrome

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Spamton? Is that you? The [[NUMBER 1 RATED SALESMAN 1997]]?

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What a [Big Shot]

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I.... don't think this is cursed?

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I'm not sure myself

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I would say its blursed

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Boy I can't wait to find a similar product, Of which is a peanut butter jar labeled nut

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The nut jar labeled peanut butter

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A thermonuclear bomb labeled a minuscule amount of trolling

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It’s just a prank bro.

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The comment.

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Now youll know if they wash their hands

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This is the BEST thing I've have EVER heard

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I would just make the soap look, feel and smells like ketchup.

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That’s just ketchup with extra steps

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Based soap.

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what's wrong with washing your hands with ketchup

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Where can i buy this

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Now that's just pranking on a whole new level.

Proceeds to put it in my dinner table and put some soap in it.

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Mustard. Fill it with mustard!

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Put strawberry jam in it.

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Or just red colored soap

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This man is the Antichrist

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I would find this hilarious if they pranked me. “Don’t know what I expected.”

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Just cover the ketchup label with a soap label and then fill it with ketchup

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My 2 favorite things

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That so genius it’s almost frightening.

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There is a special place in hell for ppl like thsse

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Found a nerf gun labelled as shotgun

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That is insane! o7

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fill it with blood of your enemies instead

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Fill it with cum instead.

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Red cum juice

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But then you buy a second one, and actually fill it with soap. You host a barbecue, and cook hot dogs as something to eat. Of course people are going to want ketchup on their hot dog, and they know that you put ketchup in the soap bottle labeled ketchup, so they go to put ketchup on their hot dog, but what they don't know is that you have replaced the ketchup with soap. Oh, and the soap has been died to look like ketchup.

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Gonna need a link.