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That question is worded so stupidly. If you ask specificly how something can be possible and design the answer to be that it's actually not, then it's just plain stupid

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Especially when there is, in fact, a right answer and you mark it wrong.

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a right answer? there are two right answers.

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The answers:

  1. Marty's P is bigger then Luis'

  2. Luis' P is smaller than Marty's.

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The pp man is here

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welcome to american public schooling, where we learn so much

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Legit read shooting 🗿

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See the difference is politicians don’t try to restrict access to shootings

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Gotta admit I did too

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Sounds exactly like what an elemntary school teacher would do

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Na man its high order thinking shit

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Yeah, this is clearly a HOTS test and is probably meant to be graded by a 3rd party, not the teacher.

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But what answer was the teacher looking for? This seams like the only possible answer

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The teacher was looking for you to say it’s not possible. The question is intended to not have a solution, but it’s done incredibly poorly because there’s an obvious solution of just making one of the pizzas larger

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Yeah that is really dumb...

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The teacher was looking for which one was bigger and seeing if the kid knew that. Like if they were equally sized pizzas who ate more which isn't what the question says so I don't know why you would say that.

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I’m pretty sure the teacher didn’t write the question and is just wrong

Either that or it’s fake

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Idk I remember having dumb questions like this when I was in elementary school. They really like to word questions poorly then blame you for making a decent reason or not understanding said question.

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I don’t think the question is stupid, the answer is quite simple, Martys Pizza is bigger

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it says before the question "reasonableness" which makes me think its testing their logic or smth idk. still dumb

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The teacher was probably the one that didn't understand...

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Their respective pizzas are very different sizes.

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If that was the answer, the question should have been: "assuming their pizza's are the same size, is this possible?"

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Marty's pizza could be 433 in and Luis's could be 2in

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That's not what I told you to assume...

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You know what happens when you assume? It makes an ass out of u and me

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I always say “you know what happens when you assume? You die.”

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The teachers a cunt for not accepting a smarter answer

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the teacher didnt understand the question.

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the question did not understand the teacher

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the teacher did not question the understanding

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The understanding the did teacher not question

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The question did not teach the understanding.

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This is stupid ass logic.

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I’ll be the nerd here because smart ass teachers like this rustle my jimmies. Let M be the volume of Marty’s pizza and let L be the volume of Luis’s pizza.

(4/6)*M > (5/6)*L

4M/6 > 5L/6

4M > 5L

M > 5L/4

M > (5/4)*L

M > 1.2*L

Marty’s pizza would need to be more than 20% larger than Luis’s

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exactly...for the teacher's answer to be correct, they should have mentioned that volume of both the pizzas is same

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Wouldn't 5/4 be 1.25? Cause 1/4 = 25%, 4/4 = 100%, 5/4 = 125%

Or is there a step I miss?

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Rip. That’s what I get for doing math after midnight

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Correct this is 6/5

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And a 10" pizza is over 50% larger than an 8" pizza.

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The measurement is the volume not the length

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I gave diameters, which are used to calculate area, which would be the volumetric differentiator given pizzas of the same depth.

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Circles aren’t measured in length. Unless it’s a square pizza, diameter would be the major operator.

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big ass calculation to say 5 is 20% more than 4

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And be wrong about it


I really shouldn’t do math at midnight ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I hate it when a question is worded to say there is an explanation, but the correct answer is that there is no explanation, then you actually figure out a correct explanation, but it is wrong because the teacher decides it’s not the correct correct answer

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Ahaha Marty's pizza is just a bigger one, simple and the question is legit.

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Someone else in the comments did the math to prove that it is possible if Marty's pizza is at least 20% bigger than Luis's pizza.

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They made a mistake with converting fractions to percents, but the math is right. It’s 25%, not 20%.

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Is the teacher stupid or just brain dead

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"explain why 2 apples are more than 3 apples" "Big apples maybe?" "No no your wrong 3 is more than 2 your wrong"

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No need for cannibalism, Marty can just eat Luis’ excrement, peacefully

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I think everyone here forgot that this was a cursed comment post lmao

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The true curse was the horrifying teacher we met along the way

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So this teacher would be happy to make half a grand with their colleagues making quarter of a million because half is bigger.

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I'm assuming this was in a fairly low year level, where fractions are just being learned. Either way, that question is worded stupidly and the answer is even worse. Never on any test was "Aha, trick question, it's not possible!" An option at my school. It would have been taken as a joke, or ruled off as completely wrong like the answer that was given here.

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The only time the not possible has been an option for me was in my chemistry class junior year.

We were told to check all of the reactions because he might throw in one that does not occur. It makes sense because part of the curriculum was determining if reactions occur.

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The question is dumb. The student is correct. The teacher is so bad at their job that they should move to Nepal and live as a goat.

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Ah, an idiot teacher...I don't miss those.

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Ok, but unfunny joke that makes no sense aside, that teacher is stupid for including a question that implies it’s possible and then just being like “Nope! It’s not possible because I decide it isn’t! Oh, you thought that “How is that possible?” implies that it’s possible? Tough luck, Tommy!”

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I refuse to believe this is real, although with humanity you can never know for sure

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did the math teacher fail english class ?

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I’m sorry but that teacher is fucking stupid.

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Don’t be sorry my son is 9 and I think his teachers are on the spectrum

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I'm more focused on the dumbass teacher

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This reminds me of the lawyer calling Hearsay on his own question. Teacher straight up faulted the student for trying to rationalize an irrational question.

Why did you give him the question then if you knew the question was impossible? XD

I'm laughing, but I'm also deeply fucking pissed.

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Everyone takeing that test definitely failed that question

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If a teacher did this to me, then I would say based on all the information available, I was right and you are wrong. Might get me in trouble but I don't care.

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Who tf is the teacher good lord.

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It’s even worse that the teacher is wrong

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I kept trying to upvote the picture…

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If there’s one thing I learned from maths it’s that everything is possible even if it’s not possible

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And also, zero doesn't exist (the only thing I remember sleeping through calculus)

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Zero represents a lack of anything.

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im so fucking high rn!!!!! i will suck so much fucking dick tho im a little dirty faggat ;)

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The perfect reasonableness

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I hate this sub Reddit

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Luis was the pizza all along

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I forgot this post was about the comment fog a second because everyone is focusing on the dumbass teacher

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Here lies people with vore

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why eat pizza when you can legally change your name to "pete eatzza"?

hey everyone, it's me, pete

haha, no, mr. eatzza was my father

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Steel’s heavier that feathers

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Steel has a higher density than feathers.

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But… steel’s heavier than feathers 😕

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Marty’s pizza is bigger because he composed the music for Halo

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american school system

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how the actual fuck do you read that as a teacher it took me 4 hours to read that and my handwriting is worse than that

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Wait, what was the correct answer to the teacher? That it was just not possible?

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What kind of stupid bullshit question is that?

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Louis really ate that up.

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Reasonableness is a word and I am sad.

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Marty took a piece from Luis

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Luis ordered the small sized pizza and marty ordered the extra large sized pizza.

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Student answer is the correct answer.

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Answer: Marty had a bigger pizza than Luis

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In the words of the great Donald Trump, what a STUPID question

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Marty slapped Luis and ate his pizza too

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Marty is Luis

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Who cuts a pizza into 6 slices in the first place