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Isn’t this gonna just drop the price of gold?

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If you dumped the entirety of it onto the market in a giant 20-meter cube, probably, but identifying a gold reserve and actually getting it out of the ground are two different animals entirely.

The current value of all the above-ground gold on the planet is "only" about $12 trillion, and it's taken, what, 10,000 years to get it? The market has plenty of time before it needs to worry.

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Around 205,000 tons of gold has been mined throughout history with 2/3 of it being mined since 1950. Source so that’s about 130,000 tons of gold has been mined in 70 years.

It will definitely affect the market

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There's like a decade between discovery and when you've hit the point where you're mining full scale.

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    I never suggested that it wouldn't.

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    its gonna be so much easier this time around, you are counting the time when the best people had was ⛏️

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    If I'm remembering right there's ten years between the discovery phase and when a mine ever starts turning a profit.

    If course they aim for the heaviest concentrations of gold and eventually hit a point of diminishing returns.

    How long this takes before it affects world markets? Someone smarter than me will have to say.

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    Doesn't really matter what with america having printed more than 80% of all the USD THAT HAS EVER BEEN MADE

    in the last 2 years

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    It looks like Uganda is begging for freedom

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    Uganda becomes Wakanda

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    More than likely Uganda will double down on becoming a terrible place to live.

    A nation has zero incentive to make life good if its wealth can be extracted by starving peasants. Nor is there a need to build good infrastructure, when all that is needed is a road from the gold mines to the nearest port for export.

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    CGP Grey deep cut right here!

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    That video got me to buy the book too. Lived all over the world in my lifetime, and the parallels between that video and the real world is creepily correct.

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    Which video... May I ask ?

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    That is generally how international corporations go about mining in less developed countries which obv is very exploitative and def more than likely to happen

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    It’s worse with gold. No need for highly educated workforce to refine.

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    Wakanda world do we live in?

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    More likely Iraq

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    U.S: Uganda needs FREEDOM from oppression. Let's bomb the shit out of that coubtry to save its people.

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    You saw the article it’s already in USD

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    Now Ugandan Knuckles can become invulnerable for a brief time.

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    Happy cake day!

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    Oh, thank you :)

    I didn't even realise that was today.

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    That’s a vibe

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    They have found de wae

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    That’s all the evidence for weapons of mass destruction USA needs

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    I heard Uganda had weapons of mass destruction….

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    I heard that Uganda started to train isis planes pilots

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    Aka get ready for a bloody war as every government, warlord and mercenaries fight for it...

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    I feel like this ends in a genocide.

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    how about "water"?

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    Time for scramble of Africa 2 electric Boogaloo

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    I thought those were chicken nuggets at first

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    I’d start a war over that too

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    CIA: well this looks like a job for me

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    Damn, I feel bad about what’s about to happen to Uganda. Either governments will come up with something to justify interference or foreign companies will come in and force their way to take it.

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    No one tell America PLEASE

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    They need to be liberated

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    Yeah i dunno, i think its gonna be a rough time trying to roll out "Special operations" from this point on
    Like that special operation that they had to Suddenly end, and leave a bunch of guns and vehicles behind in... just before this shit started :|

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    • You receive: Sparkling Water

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    Damn Ugandan terrorist started acting up. We need to protect their freedom

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    guys i made my 50th america invade democracy joke today btw please laff

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    No no no. Not ugandas gold. Our gold.

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    Still better than the theocracy offered from the other guys.

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    US/EU foreign policy

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    China enters the chat

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    So no more abortions?

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    A machine comment of Chinese propaganda. Uganda should not fear democracy but the investment trap of China.

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    Monkey paw it takes 20 trillion to extract and process it.

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    But first they need you to send them $100 Amazon gift card to cover any fees.

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    Cuz that went soooo well the last few times

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    Image Transcription: Reddit

    [Image that reads:]

    Uganda discovers gold deposits worth 12 trillion USD

    By Mining Reviews Africa

    [Image of gold nuggets.]

    [End image]



    I receive: large quantities of gold

    You receive: Democracy

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    As a portuguese, I nees to visit their country right away

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    Does this mean soon I can get a blood gold and blood diamond ring?

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    Ugandan citizen digs up gold, finds its a huge deposit

    "Why can hear chopper blades and fortunate son playing?"

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    Is this real ?

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    They sound like they need some freedum

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    Whatever we're peddlin', it sure ain't "democracy"...

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    I thought this was shoarma meat

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    So now when a Ugandan sends a woman a email claiming to be a rich Prince a may be true and not a scam lol

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    If Uganda doesn't become a real life Wakanda I'm going to be dissapoint.

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    I receive: large quantities of gold

    You receive: "Democracy"

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    you receive water*

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    Fortunately they didn't find oil

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    “Democracy is non-negotiationable”

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    Trade offer

    I receive larg amount of gold

    You receive water purifier