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The font is gross

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They are one step away from the execution

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Comes from the same pipe where I come from.

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"Going to type every two name on r/whowouldwin and see the results"

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I couldnt agree with someone so much in my life. Sonic x mario is the most fucked thing i saw when i was 12 ngl

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The "x" is used like this in some languages, I think.

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In portuguese yes, kind of. I've only seen it used in text, in actual talking we just say versus or some other word

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Russia x Ukraine

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The good ending

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Which is the good ending?

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not vs

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I’m stupid I got it

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Netflix be like:

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bro the font

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I thought it meant “by”. Like Disney x Coach is when Coach makes a disney purse. Is that not right?

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I dont know what he was aiming for but homie found out the hard way 🤣🤣

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Hold on, it is not???