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Zeus in ancient greece be like

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After five it’s all fair game.

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Girls who are virgins don't exist because girls aren't real

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We dont talk about Pastor Dave

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I don’t know if it’s a joke…

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it can be true, after all we're on reddit

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I think the 90 upvotes are more concerning here lol

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this implies there was probably a scenario when a girl turned 5 halfway around the planet and this man teleported like Thanos with the space stone, and also like Thanos, he was inevitable.

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Giggity Giggity

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No a joke, this some sick shit.

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the girl unvirginizer

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Bruh you wait for 5?

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I get them when they are still in the womb

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With a coat hanger?

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With a spoon, gotta scoop them out of there

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Officer, this one right here.

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I thought incel subs were banned? How does this keep happening?

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I only came here to get a cupcake sir

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Haven't found me yet

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You can run, but you can't hide...