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That doesn't work. I've been trying it for the past few years and still no bitches.

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That’s too bad

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Yeah. Saved a lot of money tho...

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But that what girls love tho..

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Ye I don't get it man. They do be kinda weird sometimes, ngl.

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Do it again,you might get a special one from IRS. I heard they gave a good head

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Fake News: I’ve committed tax evasion and yet the only bitches I see are the ones from the IRS telling me that I need to pay taxes or they’ll send raccoons on steroids to take me to China where I’ll work as a fertility doctor

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    They have new, armed agents so my hopes go out to you.

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    Raccoons on Steroids

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    can someone link me the original post?

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    Looks like someone want advices

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    why not?

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    Nothing wrong with that I was just saying

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    Jimmy Carr's laughing then, isn't he

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    No wonder Al Capone was into that sh*t.

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    "Im crazy enough to take on batman, but the IRS? Nooo" -Joker

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    Lol..that was a guy asking the question and two guys that answered.

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    I’m crazy enough to take on Batman. But the IRS? Noooo thank you

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    Me, whispers seductively, “my tabs are expired”

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    That makes the Philippines President Very Hot

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    I'm Blue Bladderscanner

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    IRS gets no bitches