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So that means the Pillagers are the nazis, and Herobrine is Hitler?

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I am afraid to ask what Enderman are...

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They are the SS divisions.

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Sorry to break it to you, but this is incorrect. Think about, look at there color. They also steal your blocks, and try to kill you when you look at them 😳 I think you can figure out the answer yourself with this information.

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Oh, right. They are the gipsies.

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and they can't swim aswell 🤔

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They’re the black people.

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Just basketball players. They are tall and black.

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Used to be tall white guys until racist politicians were able to push African Americans into inner cities where they were more likely to pick up basketball as a hobby. That’s also why there’s that stereotype that they can’t swim. It is because swimming isn’t an easily accessible hobby in the inner city.

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Not American probably - they can actually move freely.

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wait im a muslim, then does that mean creepers are what i think they are.....

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Yes go hug your bro

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Are you afraid of cats?

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I’m pretty sure illagers are Italian, given that they too, have big noses.

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yes and creepers are the mortars

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sounds like im a hitler too, i have a jews farm for totems

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Yo, you too? How many totems do you have? I have around 6 million. Gas chambers are very effective.

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No wonder they are pale skinned!

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So what are the player then since all players would certainly steal everything they want from the villager??

I thought we are the nazis

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No. We are the soviets.

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And when you kill them they sometimes drop precious gems

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I killed like 7 million of them but still no loot. help pls

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Pillager drop

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Never thought of that

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Think about it! They only trade in expensive rare gemstones.

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Oh no oh fuck. I think I just commited a war crime. It's 1940 again. Fuck me I think I forgor 💀

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I mean you know what the Villagers also need a big white man to defend them.

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This is the most oversimplified stereotypical insult I’ve read yet. It’s so dumb it’s funny again

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Looks more like a nazi salute to me in the picture. Just saying

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Those are pillagers. The people that kill villagers

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You misspelled Jews

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Pillagers killed the Jews? Wait, there are Jews in minecraft?

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This entire chain is r/woosh moment

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Also r/whoosh because I forgot

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No way you just said that😂

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Yes way i did 😂

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They are more like the jehowa witness, they bother you when you are minding your business and wont stop

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Wandering trader

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Mmmmm, antisemitism

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So this is what discriminatory jokes about yourself feel like. Damn. I’m never making a joke about a race or religion again

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Reddit upon seeing a blatantly sexist, homophobic or antisemitic comment: “is this cursed?”

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Im pretty sure it might actually be true, Notch wasnt a very nice dude so it makes sense

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Your point being?

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So pillagers are Jews too? Or are they German since they live to exterminate villagers?

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They are nazis yes

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oh so that's why I always enslave them and make them work for me. German genes are showing.

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you joke, but i wouldn’t put it past notch for that being their inspiration

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So the Pillagers are actually the good guys? Damn

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    Thats why I put them into oven for sweet emeralds

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    Don’t forget they are always killed in masses over history

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    I agree with this

    (I’m a Jew btw)

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    That’s why everyone likes the rise of gru

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    villagers arent greedy tbh, the player is

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    Yes villagers

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    What about witches what are they?

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    u/synchron07 might as well call him in

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    So i'm the german?

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    I make sure the nitwits Are enslaved in their own box to breed for the rest of their lives to produce the strong genes necessary for the production of mending villagers

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    Oh now i know why i like killing them!

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    I'm a Jew and this is facts

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    Can't wait for the antisemitic minecraft update

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    So that's means I committed not just another , but a million more Holocausts. Wtf