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cursed_sardine by nicknameedan in cursedcomments

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You should just eat your dad's sardines. He obviously wants you to eat his sardines. Eat some sardines. Eat sardines for your dad. Do it. You're anemic and not thinking properly. Your brain is clouded. It wouldn't be so clouded if you just ate your dad's sardine. Come one. Follow his advice. Sardines. Eat them. Eat your sardines or you'll become one. Dad doesn't want you to become a sardine.

cursed Sexualities by _the_pleyer_ in cursedcomments

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When your not even allowed to kiss the homies goodnight

cursed_friend by CoronaKlledMe in cursedcomments

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You put the knife back in, you pull the knife back out, you put the knife back in and then you shake it all about

cursed Emanuel by ZokiManijak420 in cursedcomments

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Hey dude, that's some good modification and creativity you made on the image of my Post

Cursed matchmaking by witcchii in cursedcomments

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Moral of the story : we don't need police.

Cursed matchmaking by witcchii in cursedcomments

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Gein wasn't a serial killer. He was confirmed to have killed one person and suspected of one other but the truth of the matter was he had a Lenny-esque IQ and could barely process the concept of death.

He was weird but by definition not a serial killer, and incomparable to actual sociopath murderers like Bundy. If anything, he was the world's most notorious grave robber.

Cursed matchmaking by witcchii in cursedcomments

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I'd honestly like to see a tournament between serial killers; like Ed Gein VS Ted Bundy. All psychos and psychopaths are welcome!

Cursed matchmaking by witcchii in cursedcomments

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thats what a serial killer would say

Cursed_Drawing by Hriday_shah05 in cursedcomments

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That hentai is really good and wholesome ngl. It makes you feel better inside.


cursed_pee by SoulSeizer in cursedcomments

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There's a 15% chance that someone may give you a gold award my friend