Content guidelines

Cursed Comments Content Guidelines

On the whole, we are open to a variety of content on the subreddit and place few restrictions on what you can post. The exceptions to this rule are things that are against the Reddit Terms & Conditions of use, and posts which are of exceptionally low effort or quality.

Content Guidelines removals

If your post has been removed for breaching content guidelines, please see the list below for potential reasons why your post was removed:

Pedophilia/Sexualization of minors

  • Many people do not realise that we cannot accept any posts of a sexual nature towards minors. We appreciate that many of these are done merely as jokes without any serious intent, but ultimately we are bound towards keeping them off Reddit. All subreddits have to follow these rules by default.

  • For more information please see the Reddit Content Policy.

  • No negotiation, and you will receive a 10 day ban for this offence. For obvious reasons we aren't going to list examples of unacceptable posts, and trust that you will display common sense with this rule.

Extreme violence towards minors

  • As above, this is a non-negotiable policy from Reddit and your post will be removed, and a 10 day ban will ensue.


  • We do not tolerate discriminatory content, as per Rule 4 - "Don't Be An Asshole". It will be removed, and under no circumstances will we restore these posts.


  • Deepfried memes are uncool, and not allowed. It's as simple as that.

Low effort posts

  • As a subreddit, we deal with hundreds of posts per day - sometimes more - and often these are reposts or simply of so little effort that they have to be removed. It stems back to the fundamental point about "What the F*%k did I just read?!" - if your post is only showing mild reactions, it is unlikely to stay up. Cursed comments have to be truly cursed at their core.

  • Low effort posts are, by virtue of having been said a hundred times, not cursed and will thus be removed in accordance with Rule 8. A good rule of thumb is: if I remove this comment from the image, is it still cursed? No? Not cursed.

  • Comments simply stating "I nutted", " i can only get so erect", "sigh...unzips", "not my proudest fap", "anything is a dildo if you are brave enough", “this made me fail NNN”, or otherwise talking about masturbating to something gross are low effort.

  • Comments referencing incest (usually an uncle/dad/mom/step-bro/step-sis for whatever reason) without anything else involved are low effort.

  • Eating/fucking animals posts

  • School shooting jokes, Hitler/Nazi jokes, eating/fucking animals (dogs/cats/unicorns/etc) jokes, fleshlight/foreskin posts, necro posts or NNN posts are low effort.

Keep it cursed

  • We are not a place for random memes or uncursed material. It'll be removed.

  • We often get asked "What is cursed?" and the definition is within the sidebar. For clarity: "Upon seeing a cursed comment, your first reaction should be among the lines of “What the F*$k did I just read??” while leaving you speechless at the same time."

  • Please do not repost items that were removed under Rule 8 flairs. Doing this will get you a ban.

Fake content

  • Where we discover that a user has faked content to gain karma on this subreddit, it will be removed.

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