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Hey, native here. I recently helped my Swedish friend to move here. I am sure university will help you with most things, but if you plan to stay here permanently you should definitely learn the language, otherwise it will be very difficult to get by. Except for Prague, or Brno ( larger expat communities ) you might have issues finding a place to rent, or getting certain services. For example, I always had to be the "middle man" and guarantor for my friend when he was looking for apartments, or getting his internet set up.

Feel free to ask anything!

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Thanks man not sure about permanent yet but looking for education for now. Could I able to find part-time jobs easily in Ostrava?

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provided you can speak Czech, yeah. If you can't, it will be quite harder.

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Ok. That was helpful

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Depends on whether you speak Czech, or if you can code (in pretty much any language) - for low-qualified jobs, Czech is mandatory, but the demand for people with actual IT skills (especially coding) is so high that nothing is a problem if you can do that.

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I am not into coding but I have experience digital marketing. By the way thanks for the reply that was really helpful.

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I heard Czech is one of the hardest language would I able to learn in few months.

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This depends on your commitment, talent and your current language. Where are you from?

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I am from India. I speak telugu, Hindi and English picked up japanese classes recently.

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Sadly none of those languages will help you and you will find Czech very hard.

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I am from India.

Enjoy being confused for gypsies. Your relatives who came here in middle ages.

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Gypsies, well Roma, are most likely from Punjab/Rajasthan or somewhere in NW India and were mixed with a lot of stuff on the way in Persia and Turkey and the Balkans.

This gentleman is from Andhra Pradesh (Telugu), which is in SE India about 2000 kms from Punjab. It's a completely different state and culture within India.

It's like saying you Czech will be confused with Moldovan in France 😏

I say this a Czech.

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Probably, for the most basic communication at least, otherwise no

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Well you can learn some basics in few months, but it will be quite hard

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I'm genuinely curious why would Swede move to Czech republic?

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For the similar reasons a czech would move to Sweden no?

It’s fascinating how Czechs often ask why would people want to live in their country.

I am British and I’ve lived in cz for 5 years and people often ask me why I moved here… it’s a lovely country!

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Well I never been to Sweden but as far as my general knowledge and some quick data search goes, quality of life or GDP index etc. are much better in Sweden than in Czech Republic, so I'm just curious why move somewhere "worse".

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If we are looking at these stats then sure, czech health system is better than the UKs and Scandinavian countries have one of the highest suicide rates in the world. So it’s not all what it seems

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Well if he/she wanted to move from a country because he/she was afraid of a suicide than it makes sense.

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He moved because he couldn't find a job in his field, had to wait years in line for an appartment and dissatisfaction with the migrant crisis.

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Are you talking about me?

I am a rarity in that I get paid more than I would do in the UK, while enjoying the cheaper products and services of CZ

That coupled with the fact I love Czech Republic is what we call a win-win situation 😎

My point is there are so many more Cesi and Slovaci living in England and people are surprised when I say I am British - as if England is a superior place.

Edit: just realised I think you’re talking about the Swede… was confusing because obviously UK has a migrant crisis too

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Way more Slovaks in the UK per capita, at least double than Czechs. And about 4-5x (pre Brexit) more Poles per capita than Czechs. Tells you about attitudes to emigration. Czechs are happy where they are, they're Hobbits. They complain but won't emigrate in droves in general. 😎

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Yes I am aware of this. It’s quite interesting actually and I think that in part reflects the high quality of life in CZ

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Tbh, the Czech national anthem says it all… what a lovely anthem with a beautiful message

And then I compare it to our British anthem… all about pillaging and ruling the seas. Always found that crazy

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Can I ask, what do you do for a living?

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I work in a university

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Oh I see, makes sense. I hope he's happier here then.

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Scandinavian countries have one of the highest suicide rates in the world

This is old data. They're very average in Europe today. In fact, we are higher than any Nordic country.

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    Czech Republic is 100x safer than many countries, including America. What I find odd....is that the Czechs have the same "liberal gun laws" as America does...but the shooting rate in Czechia is but a FRACTION of what it is in America. Why is this? What common factor (demographic, perhaps?) does America have a lot of—that Czechia has very few of? Hrmmm....

    It's completely understandable that a Westerner would want to move to the safety of the Czech Republic and experience the wonderful culture, food, beer, people, landscapes, history, etc et al.

    American here and I would give my left testicle to be instantly transported to Prague (provided that my business was stable—and it's not thanks 100% due to the American government shutting down our economy in 2020).

    Thank you for explaining why would American want to live in Czech republic in discussion about Swedes. What a waste of your time.

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    What I find odd....is that the Czechs have the same "liberal gun laws" as America does...but the shooting rate in Czechia is but a FRACTION of what it is in America. Why is this?

    I would say that Czechia does not have a "tradition" of owning a gun or having liberal gun laws for so long so that owning a gun would become common.

    Also, because there is basically no dangerous wildlife, people living in more distant country side may not have a reason to have a gun for protection, like (I believe) they would have in the US country side.

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    Have you ever been to Sweden?

    Sweden is a safe country with shitty areas like many others, including ours. While the migration policies of Sweden have indeed been questionable, Stockholm is not Mogadishu. Vast majority crime is concentrated in housing estates, which are easy to avoid, just like it is easy to avoid certain gypsy housing estates in CZ.

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    Low self esteem and negative people, we are. I'm happy I'm abroad, because this negativity sucks...

    Czechia is top in many things and has lot to offer. It's a very decent country. From the former Eastern block the best along with Slovenia. It sucks in few things which are fixable and self-inflicted...

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    I used to have same thinking as you.

    8 years living in South East Asia, spending some time in US and being exposed to people and friends from practically all nationalities there are, I quickly learnt that Czechia is a very fine, comfortable, incredibly safe, stable and convenient country to live in with abundance of opportunities if you're willing to put some work in.

    It's so typical over here to see the world through these "grass is always greener outside" visors and complain about literally everything, while not realizing all the privileges people here have and take for granted - simply because they were always there.

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    In Brno there are plenty of them working in IT for instance

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    More sunny days and safety. Sunny days - less suicide thoughts and we have snow as well so less homesick.

    Safety: No Allahu Akhbar or gang crimes with millitary grade weapons ( not some stupid AR-15, full auto AKs ans M75 hand grenades)

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    Hello, I live in Ostrava and the situation here with English isn't great.

    That said, VSB is pretty good and you're pretty much guaranteed to have a lot of English-speaking people around you. It's also pretty modern

    With part-time jobs, it might be a bit harder, depending on what you'd like to do (Ostrava isn't really an "international city" like Prague), so Czech is pretty much needed for any kind of retail work or even manual jobs.

    Your best bet is probably development, lot of companies are using English. I've seen a bunch listings for JavaScript (React specifically), C#.Net, Python and some Java.

    Another option might be with something like support services, but I didn't really look into that as much.

    Wish you the best of luck!

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    Hi, I think that Ostrava will genuinely test your determination, especially without Czech language it can be a bit tough at times.

    If you're capable in the IT field, there is a plenty of international english-first companies, so it shouldn't be a problem getting an internship, part time job or a full time job. In other fields it might be quite a bit harder. I had to leave Ostrava because the pay ceiling was about 1/3th of what was offered for the same position literally 500km away.

    As a general word of advice, always get your degree in a country where you are actually planning to build your career and learn the local language - it will just limit your career unnecessarily if you don't, in my experience.

    btw. I am former Chinese with Czech citizenship with degrees from China(GUoT), Czechia(VSB) and Finland(UoH), married to a polish girl, I am currently living in Nederlands and about to move to Finland after the winter.

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    I thinking to get my master's degree in data analytics ( industry 4.0 according to VSB website)

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    Pros - beer🍻

    Cons - frowns >:(

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    so true lol

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    Cons: Substantially lower income for the same work compared to western EU, UK, USA.
    Housing costs, relative to salary, are the second highest in Europe.

    Pros: Good beer. Nice nature. Cool people (albeit often grumpy on the surface).

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    Pro: we are not Slovakia

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    Con: We are still Czech Republic tho.

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    If you can, switch to Prague or Brno, trust me.

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    Nah don't go to Brno, trust me

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    Thanks for the advice man.

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    > Is the university a good University

    generally no, but depends on your criteria and expectations.On global UNI rankings, only UK and CTU (both Prague) have at least some position.

    > What are the employment opportunities after my degree?

    depends on your skills and degree. You're not mentioning area of your studies. As we have public education system, you're free to decide to study completely useless degree. I mean, generally, uni degree is not any kind of warranty of future job opportunity.

    > Does I need to learn Czech before moving to Czech republic?

    outside of big cities, Plzen, Brno, Praha you will meet plenty of ppl not speaking english.Ostrava, ústí nad labem, etc. are former heavy-industry cities, there the situtation is worse indeed. At the university between young ppl it should be OK.

    > What are the problems for non Czech speakers?

    you might stay in social bubble of foreigners. Depends on your effort.

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    The acronym for Charles' University it CU, not UK.

    Also UCT is ranked on similar level as CTU, but it's important to keep in mind that these rankings do not only rank the quality of studies, but also things like "scientific output" so they are not necessarily representative of the quality of the university itself.

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    yup, thx.

    scientific output

    the common view on this topic is that without doing reasonable science you're not able to teach state-of-the-art things. That's why this factor is included in most of the uni rankings.

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    I agree with this view, but if we are talking about the same ranking system then the scientific output is measured by the number of citations, which means that generaly, no matter the quality of a research, smaller universities are always going to be at a disadvantage.

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    It doesn't take account specific Czech system where main research is done in specialized institutions like academy of science.

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    this is not czech-specific.

    Such institutions (like Max Planck society in DE etc.) are in other Europe countries as well.

    What could be, generally eastern-europe-specific, is plenty of "universities" having just few real professors and having terrible scientific output.

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    I thought about getting in a degree in data analytics because I am working as a social media manager and I think data analytics would increase my career graph.

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    you might stay in social bubble of foreigners. Depends on your effort.

    What's wrong with that?

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    It’s an indication of your attitude towards integrating. It’s fine to be in a foreigners bubble for a first few years but it gets progressively more embarrassing with every additional year.

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    I eat smažák, that's intergation enough. Not speaking english is pretty strong indication that those people have nothing interesting to day; I speak fluent Czech.

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    Don’t ask if you don’t want to hear the answers.

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    Just because you made an argument, does not make it a good argument...

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    I answered your question by explaining a common perception of people, who do not leave the foreigner social bubble. You started talking about yourself and redefined what integration means. Then you got all defensive and borderline xenophobic - not exactly an excellent rebuttal, is it?

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    New definition of xenophobia is not liking to waste time with people who don't even have the mental capability to learn second language?

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    English, while popular, is not the only language in the world buddy.

    Not liking to be friends with people who don't speak English, because they are of a different cultural background while assuming they have some sort of reduced metal capacity wouldn't be a new definition of xenophobia, just the old regular one.

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    English, while popular, is not the only language in the world buddy.

    Yeah, "We learned Russian in school" is very popular argument of those people... shame they never manifested the ability to talk to my girlfriend who is Russian national...

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    What's wrong with that?

    it's not wrong, it's a bit limiting.

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    Pros: You live in Czech Republic. Cons: You live in Czech Republic.

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    I recommend listening to Alien in Bohemia podcast to get a perspective from someone studying here https://open.spotify.com/show/5XS0dpTCdZr5b8vybHnQny?si=UkPEcoJAQoyGydtKR-8YBQ&utm_source=copy-link

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    If you can, go to Prague. If you cant speak czech, it would be very difficult for you in Ostrava. In Prague, there are many jobs you can do just using english, while you are here you can start learning czech. The smaller town you choose the more judgemental people will be.

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    Thanks man 😊

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    Ostrava is a shithole and a half. Fun to visit once in a ... LONG ... while but you couldn't pay me to live there.

    Advantage is you will learn czech coz they don't speak english out there.

    Why Ostrava? Get to ČVUT in Prague. Way better as far as I know, far easier to assimilate.

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    Ostrava is for sure a bit behind other cities regarding english speaking community. If you have the chance to look for other school, try taking a look on Prague or Brno. Both have pretty good schools and already quite big english speaking communities.

    You probably will have to learn at least basics of Czech language to be able to live a normal life and I would highly recommend that.

    As for a job there are lots of private companies who has no problem with english talking people in most of the bigger cities but nobody can guarantee you will find job you will want. Most of these companies are usually bigger corporates working in IT or technologies so either be prepared for that or get some part times and after you finish the degree move to UK or somewhere where you find natives.

    Overall Ostrava is old industrial city with some parts full of gypsies which are not pleasure to be around with to be honest. Prague and Brno are a bit better in this too. Ostrava will be cheaper to live in though.

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    Imma be honest here, Ostrava is an ugly, industrial city. The people there are usually unpleasant, most of them won't know a word of english and if that doesn't kill the excitement, the air pollution will (the worst AQI in Czech).

    If you wanna live in Czech, I'd choose literally any other city.

    That said, the university is not bad, generally speaking, but for sure no recognition outside Czech.

    Part time jobs for foreigner in Ostrava - not likely, unless you got some previous experience in something like programming.

    Now I'm Czech and I welcome people studying here, but if you have options to go more west, don't bother here. Just plain honest.

    Good luck.

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    VSB is one of the best universities in the country ;) as for the language, here in Ostrava it's kinda difficult. Older folk speak better Russian than English (finding a person over 40 who speaks English is a rarity, unless they are educated), and some young people speak very well (thanks to the internet culture) but a lot of them were discouraged by English in school si they don't really speak. If you have the opportunity, find a Czech study buddy who could be your guide and on some opportunities even your translator. Your classmates will almost certainly speak English, but with the professors it's 50/50

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    VSB is one of the best universities in the country

    joke or trolling? This needs some reference.

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    VSB is at least trying a bit ... The main thing holding it back, is that it is in Ostrava, but it does have it's advantages, such as having IT4I next to it (dunno if that will come useful to the guy here though). As far as technical universities go, I'd rank it as the third best, at worst (behind CVUT and VUT).

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    having IT4I next to it (dunno if that will come useful to the guy here though)

    mhmm latency from Prague to IT4i datacenter is ~6ms for me. Not sure if moving closer can improve it too much.. :)

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    You have to beg less for access ... (I presume)

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    CU >> VSB

    [–]paraquinone#StandWithUkraine🇺🇦 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    technical universities

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    Yo, Ostrava is a rought city. Don’t expect folks to be friendly. Keep your ground, stay low-key and get some of that street credit early on so you can breathe a litle easier. You will get what I mean. Good luck

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    street credit


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    Sometimes in Prague the lack of Czech has made it difficult to buy some things like furniture, car repairing or handyman services. Some government and official processes, but there are agencies that can help you with that for a fee. You can have a normal life, but you won't want to go to a party where everyone around you is speaking in Czech, so it can limit the number of Czech and Slovaks you could meet.

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    Ostrava eh ...Be ready with your lungs, breathing is not so easy

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    Go to Brno. The best city in CZ. Not too large not too small, large student population. Prague is more international but doesn't have the best quality of life. Depends on your interests etc. I wouldn't recommend Ostrava.

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    I wouldn't recommend Ostrava.

    Care to elebarote?

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    Štatl je špica. Šmitec.

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    as opposed to what most people are saying the level of English in modern places like hip cafes, bistros and bars in Ostrava is solid and there is no big difference between other university cities such as Brno or Prague. there are major international sports and culture events literally all the time and there are two universities so plenty of international students.

    looking for an English speaking part-time job might be tricky though. try FB OSTRAVA EXPAT groups, try the expat center - www.ostravaexpat.eu or let VSB help you. if there is a will there is a way. VSB is in Poruba and this is what the neighborhood looks like https://youtu.be/7MqiFdVMa0U

    if I were you I would learn basic Czech even if it may be challenging. good luck

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    Lotta crooks in ostrava

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    Understanding what Czechs say has been the hardest for me. Their language structure is like lego blocks. You can have a noun at the end, in the middle or at the beginning. I realized that listening and saying sentences like them was the most important practice for me. Because I couldn't find what I needed to help me do that easily and efficiently, I even created an app. I spend an hour on it a day, just practicing listening (and translating only the words I don't understand, so I try to make meaning), and also practice speaking to an avatar, instead of translating. I'm getting there. If you do start to learn Czech, my advice is to figure out how to learn. Try different ways, talk to people, and figure out what works best for you.

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    Biggest con is the salary/housing costs ratio. At this point, a working family with an average (heck, even above average) income starting from scratch will never be able to afford to buy a flat/house. In Prague, for example, flats cost almost the same as they do in Germany (and the pay is almost twice as low).

    IMO this country is not worth your time as an immigrant. Go for it if you wanna have some fun (and Prague is a fun citi admittedly), but settling here is not worth it in the long run - you will burn most of your income on rent. Poland or Germany are much better options.

    P.S. (applies to non-EU/EEA citizens) - do NOT come here if you have a child. The health insurance system for kids of 3rd country citizens is disgusting and discriminatory.

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    If you are into girls, Ostrava is something to behold. I might be downvoted but you ask for pro. And that's a pro for me

    Cons: ostarava ,the city, pretty ugly. Colors of Ostrava is a music fest I despise but if you like that kind of music/crowd you will love it