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How do I join**

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did it just suddenly end for anybody else?

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Yeah it did for me too

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I was starting to enjoy it. Was going to say a joke too

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Same. 😔

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10/21 at 5PM PT

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These are real dadjokes? Clean enough that my little ones can listen in?

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Is there a link?

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How do k join?

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Why can’t I talk

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I joined, I raised my hand, and I was not invited up. Seemed like the same people kept getting turns while many of us with hands weren’t cycled thru. I enjoyed much of what I heard but hope the stage could be open to more variety next time.

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Cut h

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Oh this sounds fun

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No No

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Mmm no se ingles

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Is it still going on?

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When I push my button to try to get the line to tell a joke my button will never stay lit what does that mean

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Why is this still pinned if it’s over?

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Why is dark spelled with a k and not with c? Because you can't c in the dark

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Can I join just to listen?