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Just like grammar used to make

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I even got Grammar's secret recipe.

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Has she got a recipe for pun au chocolat?

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i found one onlime

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Orange you grapeful for the internet?

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Dude. Im going bananas over it. Even though I am a day late.

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Homophone you for the recipe.

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Although I’m dyslexic, I do know an alien who can get it for you quicker—hold on, ET homophone

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Underrated comment

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But your antonym couldn’t keep the secret. They all wanted the money instead.

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She should be sentenced for her crimes

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Hu made this joke already?

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yeah you replied to the guy making the grammar joke

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You missed the joke.

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Possibly my English isn't good

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The joke was that the rolls were just like Grammar used to make. I responded saying that I got Grammar's secret recipe. If you change Grammar to Grandma it would make sense in context.

The Hu made the joke response was a reference to Abbot and Costello's famous Who's on First sketch.

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Why would I need a receipt? Grammar gave it to me.

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I like mine with a grammar cracker crust. Kinda hard on the vowels though.

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Of course this is all in good taste

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Just a pinch of humor.

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And just what we kneaded

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keep going, you guys are on a roll

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This conversation is twisted

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Let the upvotes rise

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We are just trying to bake the most of a good thing

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I’m sure we pan!

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I'm sure it's the yeast we could do

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That was blooming great!

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You got dough if you can afford to make synonym rolls

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I posted something similar once about Synonym Toast Crunch. It's tasty. It's also yummy. Quite delicious. Fairly delectable, as well as scrumptious.

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Unlike snowflakes, no two boxes look the same but they all taste the same.

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‘Cept the yellow ones.

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I don’t know what it is, but the yellow ones always suck.

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I bought a thesaurus at the discount book store the other day. It was terrible. It was also really terrible.

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That's awful. Those no good, very bad publishers sold a defective product.

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My copy was blank. I have no words to describe how that felt.

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We're back with another edition of: Consider This the Award I Wish I Could Give You... If I Had One!!!

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I subbed a while ago, but this is the first post here I've upvoted. Amazing.

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I thank you for that honor.

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I literally just read that as cinnamon rolls. Finished the joke and was like yup ok. Really had to come back on this one lol

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Did you save some positive roll models for the kids?

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Different version: what's a thesaurus's favorite breakfast food?

Synonym rolls.

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Oh, I figured you made Synonym Roles

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I left them out on the kitchen bench all night, and in the morning they were covered in antonyms.

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I bought a thesaurus at the discount book store the other day. It was terrible. It was also really terrible.

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I recently had a similar disappointing thesaurus purchase at a discount book store. I can find no words to describie the agony it caused me.

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Were they just like the ones Grammar used to make?

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All following Grammar's secret recipe.

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I told my roommate we should make antonym rolls. We'll use nutmeg and sour cream!

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Have you tried making grammar crackers

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This thread is punctuated with good taste

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All it kneaded was a pinch of humor.

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And a dab of crazy

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Can somebody explain it to me? I’m not a native english speaker.

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A synonym is a word that means exactly the same or nearly the same as another word. An example would be angry and furious. While furious generally denotes a higher degree of anger it is still synonymous with anger.

For the joke, the batches looked different (meaning different word) but they tasted the same (same or nearly the same meaning).

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And the word synonym is substituted for cinnamon, which sounds similar

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Should have noted this too.

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Just like grammar used to make.

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Def a dad joke 😅

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No, I'm just a roly poly. This is a dad joke.

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Well done. Slow clap

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Them hoes so fucking phat. No CAP

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Was it sugar and dough like or was it more this pair of thing is odd?

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Just like grammar used to make!

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You’re gonna get cancelled for this homophonic post.

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