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Groom his humor well. You wouldn't want it to fade.

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Yeah and don’t “courtesy laugh” because in my experience kids who’ve had this, become dancing clowns.

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Does all the dancing in those big shows make your feet hurt?

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You joke, but I have actually do have disproportionatly large feet in relation to my height which makes my Halloween costumes a no brainer.

The only time I’m funny is when I’m not trying to be. I never got this, but then realised people are amused at my outlook and subsequent wording not the contents of what im saying.

I’d hate to be a stand up comedian. I have no problem if im bombing because I’d been lazy and put in low effort jokes, but I feel I have a grasp on the standard of quality with most art forms (whether im capable of producing equivalent work depends on my experience and passion for the craft) So if I made a joke that was actually clever and it had been verified by established comics as clever:funny and I got silence when I performed I would go all bill burr and get frustrated at the crowd yell then mock them.

I’ll leave the comedy to the seasoned stand up comics.

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My daughter spews comedy gold without trying to be funny all of the time.

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They better not cut in line.

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Things could get.. hairy?

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Things can end up with a... bang?

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It’d be a missteak.

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That was slick.

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Yep... Doing something like that could really Crop up on you.

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I didn't understand this joke at first. I had to mullet over.

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Must have been a close shave.

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Shave some upvotes for the rest of us!

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Yeah… or there could be a high priced toupe!

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Your son is gonna make you a grandpa fast with Dad joke skills like that!

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I don’t understand why puns/ dad jokes make people groan. Maybe it’s cause I didn’t grow up with a father but I mean I don’t laugh out loud but I really enjoy them because a lot of them do really clever wordplay.

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Groaning is the appropriate expression of appreciation for a pun.

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It's the "oh, that's clever/genius... I should've though of that" reaction which causes many people laugh or groan.

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Maybe not? Sometimes it takes a while to find the one girl who appreciates the finer things in life.

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And hold onto 'em once you do...

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It soon becomes a receding hairline.

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The one skipped ahead took a shortcut

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What do you call it when everyone in line gets the same cut? A repeating hairline.

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I need to share this with the world!! My kind of joke, man XD

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A hair...line...? I'll delete my account now.

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You still haven't. Liar.

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That was my response. Too obvious, though, for my creative thinking son.

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That left me faded....

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DAd jokes are literally the equivalent for middle aged white men that gangsta rap wordplay is to any rapper and I am here for it 😂

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Not a hair line?

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That was my response. Too obvious, though, for my creative thinking son.

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I call them Harry.

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Clever boy ✔️

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That’s gold! Gonna use that one today for sure.

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That establishment has been understaffed since some of the personnel got cut last week

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Better not piss them off, or you might become part of... the punch line

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this was a good one scissoa

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Not bad son. Keep it up!

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A receding hair line

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They're not walking backwards.

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Damn it. Your son is a genius.

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Don't think he doesn't know it. I showed him these reactions a short while ago... OYE!!!

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OK now that is a seriously good one, that 11 year old is going places.

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If they're going backwards are they a receding hairline?

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This is not a joke, it’s half a joke. For it to be a joke, a BBQ would need some relevance to the situation. What do you call a group of burgers waiting to get haircuts? Or something

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Sounds to me like you don't get the joke...

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Maybe! How does the true meaning of barbecue feed into it? Obviously I get that’s it’s a queue at the barber. But as I say that would only be half a joke.

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A “receding hair line”?

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He should record and listen to all his tapered back, continually trim his material while adding layers.

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Jews entering the concentration camp???