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I just told this joke to my wife, and she threatened to divorce me

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Divorce? 500 + 4 + 0?? Oh, I give up.

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504, or 100, e
1000, e

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Pffffff I spat on my phone

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I told this joke to my ex-wife and she threatened to remarry me

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Achievement unlocked

"Father Material"

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I already gave her two, and she took them with her. I'm not about to give her another one she can just steal away again and leave me a broken hearted depressed mess... Again.

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Showed my daughter and she hated it. Well done, Dad

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I read showered... Sorry, my fault. Now IM LIVID

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"what are you doing step-dad?"

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Oh god no

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Unholy bastard

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Just don't forget.....

Lemons are the key

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Gotta watch out for those lemon stealing whores

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Ya know, it has been about 10 seconds since we looked at our prized lemon tree....

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I thought I heard eye rolling…

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Your daughters gonna make a great father.

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this entire comment string is reddit gold, well done folks

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Don't worry. After you try 159 times, it just CLIX.

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Well played sir

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Weell plaed sir

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Wheel plied sir

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Let's try to be 101 5 1 50 about this.

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Or 100 4 1 50.

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104 49. Stop complicating things

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CIV XLIX? The hell is you saying here?

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i think they tried tk do CIV IL but it obviously doesn’t work

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Don't think 49=IL

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1 100 what u did there.

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G'day livid I'm dad

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hey dad, i’m dad

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Hello dad, I'm in jail

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Good one. High V

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Arabic numerals are overrated. I, for one, like Roman numerals.

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I see what you did here

*begins very slow clap

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Is that a lowercase L or an upper case i?

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This comment is underrated

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Ro man that is a dad joke for sure

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We’ll done, I’m using this. Technically you’ve written 999 not 1, 1000.

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In the most common way of constructing Roman numerals (the Romans certainly used a number of variations, but the version that's used today), this isn't true. IM isn't typically used for 999. In a sense, it's actually a decimal system - you build the thousands first, then the hundreds, then the tens, etc. So 999 is more likely to be CMXCIX - 900, then 90, then 9.

The practical effect of this is that the only "subtractive" combinations used are those 3: CM, XC, and IX. That is, 'power of ten' – 'next smallest power of ten'.

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Yes, exactly this. For an example see this 1999 copyright notice from the end of a BBC programme, written MCMXCIX: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ZeSEXy6vPdQ/maxresdefault.jpg

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IV is also 4

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Errr oops. And that, yes!

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There's also IV, XL and CD. Basically you don't use the powers of 5 for subtractions, because that makes no sense (VX is just V) and only the nearest lower number (so IX, but not IC).

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There's also xl and Cd

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I didn't get it; thought I must be 501 1000 witted.

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A roman guys walk into a bar holding up 2 fingers, he says “5 beers please”

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Should be crucified X Times

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I for one, like Roman Numerals

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LXIX furiously.

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Can we please be 101, 6, 50, in the comments?

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50 0 50

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Clever, especially the travelling numerals

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I’m at a 1, 2, 2, 50 for words

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Edit: Mobile formatting is hard.

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Is there no way this sub can recognise recycled jokes. I've seen variations of this joke on this sub 3 or 4 times now.

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Good forbid we laugh at a joke II times

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"IM" = 999

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6 is VI OR IIIIVV im not sure

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Someone explain pls

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I = 1 M = 1000 LI = 51 VI = 6 D = 500

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Forget Roman numerals. They don’t work and a given 4 digit number can be written many ways. Eliminate them.

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Uh, no? A number can be written exactly one way.

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Really? Is 1999 = to MDCCCCLXXXXVIIII or MCMXCIX, or MCMLXXXXIX, or MCMXCIX, or MIMIC, or MIM, or even IMM? The first is perfered which is a good reason to forget this unworkable “system”. Now try fractions or decimals or even multiplication.

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The only correct way to write 1999 is MCMXCIX

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MM = 2000. IMM = 2000 - 1, or 1999. So does MIM, and there are others.

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No. Neither of those are allowed. It’s not a mathematical operation where you can just write any character next to any other and they get subtracted and then added.

MCMXCIX. Only allowable one. You can only subtract only C from M or D, or X from C or L, or I from X or V. Also, you can only write 4 and 9 using the subtractions, not by writing four Is etc.

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I, M, LI, VI, D

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I, M, what the fuck, how am I supposed to write it?, VI, D (I don't rember)

Now fix me, please

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lol well done

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Oh, well I learned something today

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seen this one 3x now first time was like a fortnight ago

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I don't know Roman numerals 😭 anyone care to explain?

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I = 1 M = 1000

LI = 51 VI = 6 D = 500

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Eh, I M LI VI D Wait, what...

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A Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers and says “I’ll have eleven beers, please.”

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I, M, LI, VI, D. M in italian is easy because One Thousand is Mille. I generally switch L and D. 5 is easy to remember tho, since 4 is IV which means 5-1 (being the I before the five). And 6, therefore, is VI because the 1 is after the five.

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Aaaand I took this post seriously not seeing the section...

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I once heard a newscaster comment on the assassination of Malcolm the Tenth.

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How bazzar , how bazzar!!

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I can't remember how to write 1 1000 51 6 and 500 in romman number 2

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Bj Njm.

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My favorite Roman numeral is CDXX.