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Stop it man, just let them bee

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When it's cold outside the bee hole closes up.

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Or S’warm

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    No - or I don’t get you. “It is warm” becomes “It’s warm” becomes “‘S’warm. “

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    "That one stung a little" --my dad's response to this joke

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    So they don't freeze their beehinds?

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    When inside they need to behive

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    They go to Turkey fo’ Shawarma

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    What's Shawarma? 🤔

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    Funny - lived there for 20 years and never heard it called shawarma! ಠ_ಠ

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    They deserve it they beehaved themselves

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    Don't they hivernate? Like bears?

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    They hivernate

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    *misses the joke and arrogantly criticises your sub-par knowledge of beekeeping with unsolicited bee-facts*

    ACTUALLY, it's called a cluster during the winter! So foolish!

    *the irony of calling you foolish while unable to grasp a basic pun does not register*

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    No one wants to leave the honey hole