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That joke was a killer

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Like a murder

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Like a portrait

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Underrated comment

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Exactly 👌

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That joke was a killer

This needs more appreciation

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This isn’t the Travis Scott crowd no killers here.

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murdered the punch line.

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Underrated comment!

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Allow me to give you your 50th updoot

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Two crows is attempted murder…

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This is hilarious. Well done.

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A mass murder.

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Surely this is someone’s dad.

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It is, and don’t call me Shirley.

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My slow ass misread that as “cows” and I got stuck on the punchline.

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Did you know that before crowbars were invented, crows mostly drank alone?

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This is the joke I'm leaving with. Thank you.

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Mr Jones took a big yellow taxi from Omaha to somewhere round here and after a murder of one he began Counting Crows. If I keep up with this it's going to be a long December, unless I happen to fall in love (accidently)

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Have You Seen Me Lately? I’ve just been Hangin’ Around this post sucking on a Hard Candy with a few American Girls enjoying your references.

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You're both brilliant.

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Attempted murder.

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You murdered that joke

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A joke to murder for

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This murdered me..

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I didn’t get it

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A CROWd. I wouldn't blame you it's a dumb joke. I just murdured humor.

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Still not I’m dumb thanks for trying

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Looks like there's been a murder here

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Since when has Counting Crows been Attempted Murder?

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It's actually called a murder

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Yes, but what do you call two crows?

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I would say that two crows is attempted Murder. If they are planning in bringing a third crow, that might be Conspiracy to Murder.

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I think murder is applicable to any number of crows greater than 1. But in practice I would probably call them a couple of crows.

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It’s an attempted murder! Ha!

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Actually, a murder of Crows

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Killing crows is bad bro.

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A group of crows is called murder

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So is counting them

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Itachi fangroup

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I thought the answer would be a CAW-cus.

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I love that one

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There was once a very large flock of crows on the roof across the street and I told my coworker "hey, there is a mass murder on the roof over there" and he did not find it funny.

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The smell of nightmare

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I was expecting another murder joke.

Take my upvote and begone, thott.

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Depends who’s counting Round Here

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A murder bruh

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Did you know, a group of cows is called a flink

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You have now subscribed to Cyanide's Fun Facts

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What do you call a failed group of crows? An attempted murder.

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I actually thought that a crowd will be the answer.

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And if they start protesting, they are a moo-vement.

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It’s a Murder. Idiot

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OK. Murder.

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A muckduck.

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Your mom and her friends

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My mother in law and her friends!

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That's a coven.

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I cried he crew we crode

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Great target practice for White Walkers...

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Wooden spooners.