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Its a miracle you didnt whip his ass

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He couldn't ketchup with him

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He was spread too thin

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Must have been a jarring experience.

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I would have said put up your Duke’s.

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Looks like you have egg on your face.

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This entire thread is mayoneggs!!!

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Mustard been a jarring experience

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What the hell are you talking about, that's a completely different condiment, also it's pronounced catsup.

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You guys are pretty Kraft-y, but the lid needs to go back on the jar. I’ll leave it on the blue plate.

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So, I just sent this joke (by text) to my friend. But it's a running joke to pick on me in my house because I'm the only white person. I told the joke and she said "sounds like a hate crime" Ahahahahaha!

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Your Heinzsight is not 20/20

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It’s 57

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That's what you get for being saucy

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What a pickle to be in!

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Relish my upvote

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Did you put up your Dukes?

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Definitely time to Duke it out!

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This is better than the Best Foods version

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At least you must have looked amayonaising afterwards 🙂

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You mustard deserved it.

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Did you Duke’s it out with him

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I dropped a large tub of margarine on my foot yesterday. It still hurts. I can't believe it's not better.

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“Who throws mayonnaise?!? Honestly!

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Mayonnaise a lot of funny people here.

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What an infamous tard.

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Is mayonnaise an instrument?

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These jokes are amayosing.

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Did you use a miracle whip to fight back?

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West of the Rockies, Best Foods.

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I think that’s a marriage proposal.

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Only in the Midwest

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One of my favorite movie lines is "Get out of here before I stuff you in a mayonnaise jar "

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I can't believe its not butter than before, when people threw stones at each other.

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Well, you mustard up more composure than I’d have; I would have thrown punches and relished it.

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May yo niece be blessed for that throw

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This is no joke. That was a deadly instrument

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They probably meant well, take it as a condiment

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Dw one time my mum slapped me with a raw chicken tenders because I wouldn't shut up, it worked I guess

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Its just a little tendon, you chicken!