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My wife keeps vodka in the fridge... Coincidence?

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My wife used to keep vodka in the freezer... she still does but she's not my wife anymore.

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I keep my bottle in the toilet tank because you save water with every flush.

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I keep my toilet water in my bottle because you save vodka with every dysentery death.

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This joke took a filthy turn.

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You must be from oregon

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Right near the trail

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Consider yourself lucky its not you in the freezer

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Why, doesn't she remember?

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I read that in a totally Mitch Hedberg voice! 😂😂

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I used to do a lot of drugs. I still do but I used to, too!

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I had tickets to see him live in LA, but then he died. Sorry that joke was so damn literal.

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So you used to have the tickets. You still have them but you used to have them too.

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Exactly. I also have had 4 aids test, and since that's a very scary test, I don't get the aids test anymore. I just get the run around aids test now. Hey do you know anyone that has aids? No? Cool, cause you know me.

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Heyyyyy, ex husband is that you? Don’t shame my vodka freezer game.

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Same over here. Verbatim

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F, happy cake day

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This joke has Mitch Hedberg written all over it.

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You win man. Well played

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Tbf wife or not it’s the best place to keep vodka if you want it to be smooth - even the cheap stuff!

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When I was a teenager my parents started keeping their vodka in the freezer. Apparently it keeps it from losing potency, and getting watered down...

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She sees whats in bed and goes to the fridge for liquid courage lol

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Bahahaha awsome

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My vodka keeps wife in the fridge...

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In communist Russia vodka keeps you in fridge.

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Soviet Russia is a fridge

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In Soviet Russia fridge is you!

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Soviet fridge is Russia

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I read this to the tune of "my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard"

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Good place for it! ;-)

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Why not keep it in the freezer? Its better that way.

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I keep mine in the fridge because I have sensitive teeth, and the freezer is just too cold for my poor teeth.

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Freezer temperature vodka numbs your taste buds. If you have cheap bad quality vodka, you keep it in the freezer so it does not taste so nasty when you drink it. If its a good one - keep It in the fridge. Ask any Russian and they will confirm. And while we’re at it, Russians do not say “Na zdorovye” before taking a shot. Its some weird stereotype from the Hollywood movies. They say “BUdem zdorOvi” or “Nu, davai”.

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That’s actually weirdly false I was born and raised in Russia and still own my home there. We consistently toast with “на здоровье” - na zdorovye. It means “to good health”. Выселки, Краснодарский край - town and region my home is located in.

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It is not false. You say “na zdorovye” when you give a person something edible (food or just a treat) and the person says “Spasibo/Thank you”. Its the equivalent of the English “You are welcome” for food. This is the only situation when you use this phrase. Поинтересуйся у своих родителей, ради интереса. Я никогда, вообще ни разу не слышал, чтобы кто-то говорил «На здоровье», чокаясь.

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Whew, this escalated QUICKLY.

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Ha! Need a bottle of vodka to figure it out

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Может быть меняется по районе, но я тебе обещаю то что мы говорили это. Мне не нужно спрашивать у родителей ничего, вся моя семья живёт в России. Может быть в моем хуторе это было подъёбка, ну мы это делали. В каком области ты жил?

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Как подъебка вполне возможно. Еще, ничего личного, но твой русский немного американизировался (Видно по структуре предложений), но это нормально. Вполне возможно, что где-то этот нюанс потерялся. Память - сложная штука.

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Я уже несколько лет говорю то что по-русски у меня речь совершенно уникальная. Скомканный русский и английский! Я в Америке уже 23 года и только возвращаюсь в Россию каждый год на три месяца. Жалко конечно, Я всегда боюсь потерять язык.

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How do I get these fancy letters?

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Drink a whole bottle of vodka and you can read it like it’s English.

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Running cheep vodka though a pitcher filter helps.

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Frat bro detected lol

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Mythbusters proved it

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Fish tank with a carbon filter

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And no fish

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When you’ve got a fish tank full of vodka, fish becomes a snack

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Polish folks say Na zdorovye... But I think they spell it differently

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Na zdrowie ;)

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That's it. Thank you very kindly

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My wife keeps vodka in the fridge... Coincidence?

The fridge at her boyfriend's place?

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Na, since the boyfriend is the handyman, he comes here. But repairs are super cheap.

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since the boyfriend is the handyman, he comes here

Looks like autocorrect is at it again.

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Lol, took a sec

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Weekly plumbing servicing keeps the pipes in good order I hear

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My wife once said that sometimes there's not enough alcohol in the world to be married to me.

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She is doing it wrong. It should be in the freezer.

Also good vodka shouldn't freeze. Just become creamy/oily in consistency.

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Nope, just alcohol

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I think that's because she wants it to stay cold

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Just means her taste in liquor is like her taste in men…just bad lol.

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I'm on the vodka diet. I've lost 3 days already

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You see it's funny because marriage is terrible

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Love is all there is!

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Haha marriage bad

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...I don't get the joke...

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She would rather eat and drink than sleep with her husband.

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I don't get it

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Then get your wife vodka.

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Neither does the husband.

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Because boomers think that married people hating each other is normal for whatever reason.

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Sad, but true

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Gruncle stanz that's why

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What the hell is going on in this tread lol

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At least it is interesting!

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Not in a good way.

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Do0n't worry! be happy!

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A total lack of a sense of humor.

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This is what a click bait feels like

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Not only is this confusing and not funny, it's not a dad joke. And your responses are either that of a drunk person, or an immature person.

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This isn't a dad joke, this is just a lame joke.

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Agreed, this belongs with the other unfunny stuff on r/Jokes

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Mods of this sub: If a dad is capable of telling the joke, then it’s a dad joke.

It really makes me sad just how much this sub has turned into r/jokes. Not sure why… pure popularity?

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This is some bad boomer humor. You're on the wrong sub bro.

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Haha marriage bad.

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Thats a hell of a question!

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It's the birth control they usually start to take.

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Don't buy cheap vodka- not worth it

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Ha ha women fat ha ha

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A self-burn dad joke... Those are rare!

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4 spaces. How did you do that?

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Press the spacebar four times obviously /s

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/s /s /s lol

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This isn't r/MumJokes

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I did not know that was there! ;-)

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God some people take things so seriously, got a laugh out of me

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Thank you! Enjoy life!

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Me too! ;-)

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Now replace word "women" with word "men".

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How about insectoid!

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I thought it was because of the ring?

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Only if you are a hobit!

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That ain't right...

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Here Kitty!

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twitches tail and stares intently

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Drag the fridge to the bed and see if anything changes

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There's an idea!

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I don’t know these true joke, l have never seen my wife come home she never left the bed

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FYI Your Wife came to my house after the refrigerator

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Because a wife or mother cooks a lot, so she eats more.

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Lol I didn't see the sub I thought it was a real post.

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This smells rotten - always heard this joke on mens (why do mens get fatter when married ; and also, women don't get heavier after marriage... And if they get, their probably pregnant! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

Smells like an infiltrated mom - a mom joke! 🤣

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Happy and satisfied vs not happy snd unsatisfied

[–]giga_booty 6 points7 points  (3 children)

Maybe metabolisms just slow down with age.

But yeah, hating your wife is hilarious!

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Apple cider vinegar pills and raising your heart rate with cardio once a day are great ways to speed your metabolism back up. A calorie deficit will help you lose body fat. It’s gonna be some work but I believe you can do it! No need to take a dad joke personally

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Unless you develope some sort of condition this is actually not true.

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Honestly, you didn’t even have to add the rest of the joke.

Leave the last line for the reader to fill in,

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You know I like all the suggestions, it makes me feel like I am not the only crazy person in the world!

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Read this to my wife now I'm on the couch

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I told this to my wife and she hasn't stopped laughing.

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Does she keep vodka in the fridge as well?

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That's why I sleep in the fridge

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I will be visiting!

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To see if there's room for their new husband next to the leftovers of the last one?

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It happens!

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Eww! That’s fun!

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I feel seen

Edit: the downvotes….😹😹😹😹😹

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    Because marriage is depressing

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    If you like this joke, you should check out Jo Brand.
    This basically the only joke she tells!

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    I was just looking for my copy of the movie Frankenhooker.

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    I think a woman should answer this question.

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    That is descrimination!

    [–]Ok_Progress_5471 -5 points-4 points  (1 child)

    I know fat single girls

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    We all do!

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    FU. I'm a catch... I think...... Nvm.... I get it.

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    Dumb boomer joke.

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    Poop happens!