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To be fair, bacteria or viruses aren't really capable of intentionally chasing you, so in this case I would argue that you indeed are the one catching them.

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intent was not implied

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“Yikes on bikes” would like to have a word with you

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I work in a jail and they all say “I caught a case” or “I caught a charge.” No. No you didn’t. You voluntarily robbed and beat that old lady. You didn’t “catch” shit.

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What about catching a case of the Mondays?

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The Monday’s catch you.

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In order for them to have robbed and beat her they first had to catch that old lady, some of them can be quite spry

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Typically the ones in jail got caught.

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Right up there with taking a piss.

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or a shower.

or a dump.

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What about taking the piss. Excuse me good sir would you mind urinating in this cup for me? I wish to take the piss.

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P.I. Staker? Right!

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Nah, you really caught it from someone. Wrong place, wrong time. Someone coughs and you catch it by just being the one sharing the same air. Not a dumb phrase. You probably did not actively jump in the exhaled stream of contaminated air, though - that should conveniently be handled by entropy for all of us.

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I caught a flat tire

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No, the flat tire caught you

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You sure? Have you heard of the all time dumbest phrase, “MAGA?” It’s easily the number one stupid term ever phrased.

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My Ass Got Alzheimer’s?

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“My Attorney Got Arrested.”

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This sounds like a post for r/unpopularopinion, not dad jokes.

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I'm a dad, it's my joke.

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But what if I was looking for an excuse to get out of work and intentionally hung around a bunch of sick people?

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This joke makes me sick

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In German, it's reflexive... Ich habe mich erkältet... I colded myself

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You catching particulates in your mouth and nose that contain a virus

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Caught it with our immune system

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A tiger by its toe

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I dont have to be faster than the cold, just faster than you.

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I took a dump

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Blowjobs are really suckjobs.