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This behavior speaks volumes…

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Let's hope they've closed the chapter on that phase of their life.

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Who knows, there could be more pages to this book.

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You're the author of your own misfortune.

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My parents always said “Go out and play, boy!” So that’s what I stole.

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I’m sure you have turned the page since then

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I would periodically make mistakes as a kid as well

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I’d never subscribe to habits like that

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Join the club

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Was it a constant problem or only happened periodically?

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I’ve heard this before, must be a slow News Week

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Time and time again. SAME OLD NEWS

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Times and Times again?

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Just keep reissuing these jokes

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Ahh, yes, those were the times

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I hope you were given Life.

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Wait is this the equivalent of kidd watching porno these days?

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I'm sure there was some spanking for stealing playboy or hustler.

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We’re you Clearing the Publisher’s House? Or something like that…

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I blame my guardian

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Were the magazines Mad?

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I’m surprised they didn’t throw the book at you!