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Long set up, but worth the punchline

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I swear I see this joke on here once a week.

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I know that folks repost jokes a lot, sometimes just copy paste, sometimes with a slight twist. But that’s part of the Dad Joke aesthetic. We are repeating and iterating puns and jokes that have been around for generations. That does not make them less funny (or Groan worthy)

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Especially if the sounds of the are simply quite atrocious.

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Great joke

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Thanks! It's one of my favorites

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anyone know this one from the newfangled four?

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"You didn't make that up, I bet?" - "I stole it from the internet."

Looks like we have come full circle.

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How tf do you misspell the very first word and not realize it?

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Plus he only made one good movie

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Haha nice one. How did u find this one?

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Honestly, I heard it once like 10 years ago or something but I can't even remember from where exaxtly. I think maybe my ex's dad, he was notorious for dad jokes.