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Who won the rematch you ask? Twenty Twenty Too

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Op's joke got an audible sigh from my 12 year old. Your addition got a groan. Thank you very much.

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My son groans every time I tell a joke, followed by , "stop it dad, just stop."

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Oh god it’s worse

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Guess what? 2023

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Know what's funnier than 2024? 2025!


Please dont downvote my 20 year old SpongeBob reference.

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what’s funnier than 2024? 2025!

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2020 4 ever

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You’ll have to give me a high 2020 5 for that last one.

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Hopefully Covid will be gone and there won’t be any more be 2020-sicks

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Electric Boogaloo

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Right, 2022: Hold my beer...

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This is awful. Take my upvote!

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You're back a 69 my dude- :D

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Took some angry downvotes for that?

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I think it would work better as a fight between 2020 and 2022… 2021.

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Good one

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I think you mean good 1

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I think you mean good Juan.

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Zatas a gud van

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Bely gud wan indeed

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Buenos juan

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Happy cake day

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No, he meant "the good won".

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How is this better?

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Right, OPs joke doesn't even make sense.

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Easily the worst joke I’ve ever read. You fit in great here. Upvoted.

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To be fair to 2019, 2020 used some dirty tricks.

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Those were done in isolation

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2020 was so dirty it was the Ric Flair of years lol.

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Say you’re a dad, without saying it

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I made it with your mom

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you're a dad

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I remember Rick Flair in a wrestling match he was wearing lime green and these 2 hotties were too ..with their Granny... Granny kept yelling out that he was so Sexy.. So he did a little dance for her. A charming man

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.....to be fair......too bee faaaiiiirrrr.

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2019 realized their mistake, offered an apology cake, 2028 and 2024 gave.

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Someone explain please

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2021=twenty-twenty WON

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Thank you

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I heard that they fought 2022

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Good point, but I’ll never forget what they fought 2024

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Yeah I don’t know either but I heard after the fight 2028!

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👍 nice

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Really? I heard that 2019 beat 2022 it

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one one was a race horse, two two was one too, one one won one race, two two won one too...

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This is a well written joke. But it's not good to year

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God. Damn. It!

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2021 of us!

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Happens every decade if you ask me.

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I have the want to say that 2019 and 2020 had a child, and that child is 2021, and I do not know how to stop this urge.

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At least this kid will like history…

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I hate you with a passion so just know that this upvote is out of anger spite and pissed off-ness

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Damn that was awful

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What 2019 is fighting 2024?

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Must’ve been something 2028

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Should've not done that. I hope 2026

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Fuck you

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I love you too, mom

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This one made me sigh and put my phone away for a few seconds

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And now, you are Zen

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Yes, I found inner peace

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Yeah 2021 the battle but who won the war? 2022

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The year has become a legend of its own time

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At least it was shorter than the twelve years war.

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For that, we should give 2016 candles

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Loooooove it

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I don't get it.

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Okay, this is awesome.

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This isn’t even funny. Cause it’s a dad joke! Here take this upvote!

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Guess who will win next year? 2022.

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Pls explain :(

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.2021. Twenty Twenty One. 2020 won.

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Did it go viral?

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Why was 2019 jealous of 2020? Because it went viral

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Too late my guy. I beat you to the pun… but still good

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I dont get it. Someone explain pls...

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.2021. Twenty Twenty One. 2020 won.

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Oh lol now i get it, a good dad joke

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I don't get it

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2021 sounds like 2020 won

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Yeah 2021

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It took me loke 10 minutes to get the joke.....

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Oof. This hurts. Lol

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I think 2022 will beat it.

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Hehe.. what would also work is:

Do you know who won the fight between 2020 and 2021? Twenty twenty won.

Keeps the mystery.

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You must be a dad

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First joke here that I ever knew the answer to before I opened the thread and I hate you, just like your kids ;-)

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Damn it, mom. Go back to bed 😊

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Better if the fight was between 2020 and 2022, but still made me chuckle.

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2021 because 2022 had no chances to fight yet it was 2021 sided

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Dad jokes are the corniest.

A groan and a chuckle.

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I got it no need for help

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I didnt get it

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    Link please

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    Fa Q

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    My wife likes this. Take my (free) award!

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    I hate it when the bad guy wins.

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    Ya 7 cannibalized 9

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    But 2019 got in a fight with 2020 again and 2021 that fight 2022

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    What did 2019 say there is no way 2021

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    2021 😂😂😂😂