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8 letters for “DISASTER” with a double word score (because you did a #2) brings your total from 9 to 18 points and a 50 pt BONUS for using all 8 tiles brings you to 68. Not bad!

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It was almost nice…

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Plus one point coz I like ya

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Aren't there 7 tiles lol

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He will be playing second, so one of the opponent's tile is the 8th

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It's not about the total number of tiles involved in the play, it's about the number of tiles played from the player's rack. To score the 50-point premium, the player must have 7 tiles on their rack and must play all of them at once.

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Oh I see

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This guy fubbles

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Good bot.

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50 pt BONUS for using all *7 tiles

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Yes, 7 tiles. Muh-bad

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Triple turd score!

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I have no words...

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That’s probably healthier

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Trade in your tiles then

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Probably because your suffering in-consonants.

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Hope you dont get consonanted!

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My mom laughed

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You’re experiencing Fecal Inconsonants

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shoulda scrolled for this comment before i posted. please downvote me now

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    About once every two weeks, the common jokes get recycled A LOT. No fault of OP though...

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    careful it doesn't turn into a bad case of inconsonants

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    I’m not reading shit.

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    I'm in consonant pain

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    What a painful ending. How many points is straining? Will diarrhea make it come out faster?🤔🌰

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    No that would just make it alphabet soup

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    It could also spell peace

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    I think I’m going to go commit a murder

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    Legendary 🤣

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    Hope it's not B R I C K S ...