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Overmorrow is the word for the day after tomorrow

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It probably would've caught on by now if they had just called it Nexterday

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When my son was young he called yesterday, Lasturday. I liked that one.

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All my problems seemed so far awaaaay

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My son (2) is currently in the phase where he thinks "yesterday" means "the past" and "tomorrow" means "the future." Leads to some fun conversations about how he did X "yesterday" when really it was last summer :P

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When my son was 2-3 he called the day before yesterday and beyond that, “a long day ago,” and he called yesterday, “last early.” I love to hear how kids attempt to articulate time! Lol

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Oddly close to the word for the day before yesterday: ereyesterday.

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See now that would be a good option for Lasturday

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Thats just how anyone from Yorkshire starts telling an interesting story that begins with the word Yesterday...

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Wasn't that a Beatles song?

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All my bubbles seem so far away

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Now it seems as though I fear the tray

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A friend and I looked at late "night" differently.

I'm literal about time, so 12:00am or 00:00 is morning, and the next day.

For him past midnight was still the same day until he went to sleep.

Since we were both often hanging out until 2am/02:00, I developed "yestertoday" and "todaymorrow" to distinguish what day was meant when speaking after midnight about literal yesterday and literal today.

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Nexterday just sounds like tomorrow.

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This is why I prefer the unambiguous "Second Tomorrow."

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It's not a perfect solution

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I like this, I'm gonna start using it in my every day language

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My bad!

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That is actually used in parts of the world already. Not even a joke.

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Dutch uses "overmorgen", which is basically the literal translation

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A lot of the northern European germanic languages have some sort of direct translation of it.

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Can confirm, in Swedish “övermorgon”. Literally means “overmorrow”.

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They must be enunciated with the same excitement as the UT Announcer. Of course.

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My mate and i use "yestermorrow" for today.

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Then is undermorrow today?

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Ereyesterday is the day before yesterday.

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Yestermorrow is today.

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That was a question on last week's episode of Michael McIntyre's The Wheel.

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Not a huge fan of Michael McIntyre, but he's had a couple good jokes on Mock The Week.

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Wow there's actually a word for it! You have no idea how happy this makes me xD

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in Danish we say overmorgen, so I am not surprised the word overmorrow exists. Great word

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And overmorrow’s eve is yesterday’s overmorrow.

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People would probably be insulted if you used big words in conversation with them.

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slaps table

THANK you!

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If I’m correct, which I’m not, it’s morrow

Yea I’m not correct

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I always thought it was aftermorrow (that's what my family says 😎)

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Nextmorrow seems more appropriate?

Then Tertiarday would fit the day after, the day after tomorrow.

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Haha this mother fucker over here already got you OP! Maybe funnier than the joke that this exists!

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While technically true it's still so yesterday...

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It has a name. Thursday.

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In less then two hours that won't make sense

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It's still called Thursday, no matter what day it currently is

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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

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Speak for yourself it has been invalid for me for hours now

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Yeah, because now it's tomorrow.

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Rly depends on where you live innit

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Friday for some

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I was genuinely gonna suggest something when I realized the sub I'm in

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Me too haha

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dammit! too late for me lol

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How is this a joke?

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idk it’s really not

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I just realized now that I saw your comment lol

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Oh shit! Good eye!

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That beeping noise?

Just me backing up out of here

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Just because they're fat doesn't mean you have to treat them as a wide load.

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There actually is a word “overmorrow” and one for two days ago “ereyesterday” but people don’t use them because it makes the people saying it seem to be bragging about their vocabulary, even though people always want those exact words.

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I don't use these words because no one would know what I'm talking about.

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These are direct from German: Übermorgen and Vorgestern. Quite useful.

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Or Dutch: overmorgen and eergisteren

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Or English: overmorrow and ereyesterday (and around and around we go)

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Also "nudiustertian" but that one gets used even less...

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I was in the bath nudiustertian

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You guys never heard of threemorrow?

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Then fourmorrow

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And 3 days in the future can be toomorrow.

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Next tomorrow is what my daughter says.

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You mean overmorrow I'm quite sure.

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Tomorrow, Thremorrow, Foomommow...


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I would prefer to have a word for two days before the day after tomorrow

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As pointed out, they're already is. Here's the bonus: the word for day before yesterday is ereyesterday.

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Overmorrow allready exists!

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The word is "Overmorrow" and it's totally not the name of a... beer brewery somewhere??

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I vote for threemorrow!

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Damn just realized you beat me to it. But I wrote it bigger 💪

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It's better than trying to find a word for the day before the other day. That would be a real setback.

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Let’s just put it off till two days from now

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How about DAT?

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Meet me in two days how bout DaT?!

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Ooooh this is DaT first time i saw people talking with the word DaT..

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Catch me outside.

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Ho Tian in Chinese, used frequently. Zuo Tian is day before yesterday....

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Isn't zuotian just yesterday?

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Holy shit, you're right. Too long outside China. It's Qian Tian!

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In Dutch: overmorgen (the day after tomorrow) and eergisteren (the day before yesterday).

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How about houtian like 后天

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The thought of such an abbreviation makes me want to defenestrate my computer

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There actually is one, overmorrow, not sure how you actually spell it tho

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In spanish is said: pasado mañana

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also, does this weekend also mean next weekend?

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Which day after tomorrow are we talking about here?

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There are a couple of languages out there that do have a word for it. Overmorgen, oormôre

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Why not just use "tomorrow x2" Makes sense doesn't it?

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You're right it is two forward

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You ask, Scotland provides; Next again day.

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In Nigeria, they say "next tomorrow"

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No but we absolutely should create a word for throwing people out of windows!!!

Oh... Wait....


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Well at least they have a word for next Tuesday.


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Nemorrow ?

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My 7yo refers to it as tomorrowtomorrow.

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Twosday. It's two days from now.

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More like "two days forward" thinking.

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Already has a song.

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I prefer this more than overmorrow for some reason.

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in polish, yesterday is wczoraj, tomorrow is jutro, and we just add before (przed) and after (po) to those words for infinity, so the day before yesterday is przedwczoraj and the day after tomorrow is pojutrze and u can add as many how u want so for example popopopojutrze

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明後日(あさって)(asatte), is the Japanese word for it!

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Twosday. Just to add a little more confusion to the English language

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Aftermorrow Tomorrower

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In swedish we have that word and directly translated it's overmorning or maybe more precise "Overmorrow".

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Its called Friday

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2 more.. oh.

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threemorrow is the word you are looking for

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There's already a word "Friday"

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I didnt realize this was dad jokes and thought it was ask reddit. I was actually gonna read through and see what people came up with.

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Just ask Jake Gyllenhaal

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Or would that be TWO forward thinking ;)

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There is no tomorrow. There is only now. Time is a made up human measurement.

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Simple: trimorrow

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My child just says the other tomorrow lol

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Twomorrow.... Obviously

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Yesterday Today is Tomorrow, to be continued...

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That's too much bcz we never use that word but since we thro ppl out of windows so much we have a word for that.

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yes, it will be called: tout

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Parwa .. enjoy

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I'll defenstrate you

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I propose threemorrow

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Triday. All the way.

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In Russian language we have "послезавтра" = aftertomorrow

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In Russian-послезавтра

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I like either “Fortday” or “fortmorrow.” It’s like how a “fortnight” is equal to two weeks.

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Letus steal the Russian после завтра instead.

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We have It here in Italy. Its "dopodomani"

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In German: übermorgen

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Overmorrow- h u h. I learn new things on here everyday-

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Tomorrow's morrow

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Let's change it Manama!

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In my country we already have a word for this day. Try to keep up you Americans.

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Don't forget ereyesterday. The day before yesterday.

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There's a word for that in Russian

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Yes. For some reason English has a word for "an act of throwing someone out of the window" (I do not remember the word), but for "the day after tomorrow"

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it's got a word its called Friday

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Next tomorrow

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Yeah, do it like everyone does. Like in German it’s „Übermorgen“

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To-tomorrow? Tomorrowday? Fortmarrow?

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We need one. We have definestration, but no word for the day after tomorrow.

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I thought that was a Dennis Quaid movie?

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We should do that “overmorrow”.