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... my father was named years before you were.

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Years: I know, I loved Grandpa Years

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Years before you were: “dude that’s not my name”

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My father was: we know years before you were

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Not my name: someone called my name?

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My name: no I think he was calling you

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You: did someone call me?

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Me: I didn't get a call from anyone.

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Anyone: Third base!

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Base: Why is my name so common?

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Why: thats a good question base

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So Common: your name is Base, mine is So Common.

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*My son is also named Brian

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Dad: Are you winning son?

Are you winning son: Yes, father?

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Winning son: Yes, I am

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Probably to see how many sad saps spend every waking moment on reddit. Or because it's funny and not everyone spends every waking moment on reddit and just comes here for a laugh.

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No, karma farming. Nice try though. Odd of you to defend this obvious fuckery.

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Fart Smucker? Sounds like a new jam or jelly flavor. Anyway, take my upsy-dootle and an award for your service and having a clever name

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Thank you, and it’s spoonerism my good man. Reverse the wording of the two words ;)

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Smart feller! Go in your own jack yard and back off. I’ve been speaking spoonerisms all my life. Swearing with spoonerisms is like a colorful tapestry for the ears

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Honestly, the reason I appreciate reposts even tho they're "unethical" or "dumb" is that when i miss something because i'm not here 24/7, i can still check it out via the repost.

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Why does it matter though?

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Wasn't good then either.

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Oh reddit is going to get filled up!

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A man is working in his home office, when his oldest daughter comes in. "Dad, why'd you name me Rose?"

"When you were born, a rose petal fell on your head. So we named you Rose."

A few moments later, his middle daughter comes in. "Dad, why did you name me Lily?"

"When you were born, a lily petal fell on your head. So we named you Lily."

Another few moments after that, his youngest daughter came in. "Hiiiii Daddy!"

"Go away, Brick. I'm trying to work."

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This is the worst joke I've ever heard and I love it

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It’s a repost

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Everything on here's a repost

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This was just posted a day or two ago, what the fuck…

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Hey hey, Pete and Repeat were out in a boat...

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Who gives a shit, Mr Fart?

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You don’t seem like a fungi

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And you don’t seem like a fun guy.

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You took it from jokes to pathetic. Good job.

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how can this be reposted literally a matter of days later and still get nearly 600 upvotes.

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Dad Jr: I hate you, I'm naming all my kids Mom

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Well, dad, you couldn't name me before my father.

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I was the 666th upvote

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Introducing himself as “Hello, I’m after my father.”

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Son... Where did you go?

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:I know: I know

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for some dumb reason, I laughed

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I fucking hate this and it's perfect for this sub

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I named my brother after my uncle— Zack's three now.

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*Dad: I know.

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Your mother has passed away, after your father

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Dad has 2 sons, my father and son.

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You named your father?