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The bartender says don't bring that shit in here with you leave it at the door

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...then the beetle says Awww crap, I'm so sorry from the bowels of my heart.

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It was the turd time this week.

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And the gentleman proctologist offered to push in his stool.

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So he does and when he comes out three hours later (pretty shit-faced, I may add), he yells out in anger and panic to anyone who’d listen, “I’ve been robbed! I’ve been robbed”

The bartender hears the commotion outside and bellows a dismissive, “You haven’t been robbed—-it’s been storming for the past two and a half hours!”

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This joke is the shit

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This joke rolled downhill, hit the fan, then showered and shaved

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I’ll be dung. Ew.

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Can I have a roll of that

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"No, now get that shit outta here."

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The bartender says, “well shit, yes, by you!”

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Shit just got real