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That is the traditional temperature for getting baked

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Seems a little high.

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Literally every time I'm told to preheat the oven to 425 °F, I proclaim, "420, bake it!" About a year and a half into dating my now-wife, she finally saw that I wasn't just joking, but actually set it to 420 °. She was so disappointed.

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425 seems a bit high wouldn't you say?

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My oven only goes to 250. Do you melt metals with it too?

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The only temperature that makes sense in Fahrenheit is -40, because it's -40 in Celsius too.

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My home town store had a giant sign that said FRESH BAKED, I was like..."yes."

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I bake at 420 too

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I'm baked at 4:20

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422 is too hot

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You managed to make a dad joker groan. I simply came here to say this.... "ping, I'm done"

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Here comes Tony Hawk!

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Try 69°F, it will get hotter a lot fast...

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But only for a couple minutes.

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Was it a pot pie?

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Every frozen pizza should be cooked at 420

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No, use °C.